Three pound down

Hola. Hope you are well.

A few weeks ago I was booked in to do a 5 min open mic comedy gig. Like a lot of these gigs by the time they come round the last thing you feel like doing is a 5 min open mic comedy gig but as I had to, I cobbled together a set.

I got to the venue a bit before 8pm and told the organiser my name and that I was one of the performers. They’d not got me down. This kind of ‘admin error’ is not as uncommon as you might think. The organiser was fine about it and was happy for me perform.

There was only 3 slots left on the bill, the opening act and the last 2. Despite going on first being traditionally the hardest slot, I decided to take this slot as it meant if I needed to, I could sneak off before the end.

‘Her With One Part-time Job’ who was present paid her £3 and we entered the room. It was very quiet, in fact she was one of 2 actual audience members, and the other looked like he was a non-performing act or someone thinking about doing comedy.

Not much seemed to be happening, including any audience arriving, then at about 8:20 there appeared to be a discussion taking place between the acts and the organiser so I joined it. I joined the discussion just as they were about to have a vote as to whether the gig should go ahead. There was not one bit of me that wanted to perform to an empty room of comedians. Yet there was enough acts who did want to so this gig was going to happen.

After a quick chat with HWOPJ who equally didn’t want to be one of two actual audience members, I asked to be taken off the bill.

Despite the lack of audience not being our fault, the Britishness within us took over, so instead of asking for our entrance fee back, we left £3 down.

I wouldn’t say this was a low point in my career, just the most recent low point of my career.

Ps. Feel free to let me know when your Britishness took over. You can contact me via the comments button.

Til next time, stay safe!




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