Talking books

Hola. Hope you are well.

Katie Price recently released her 5th autobiography. That’s fifth autobiography, and she’s only 35. To write 5 books about yourself and still be in your 30s must mean she’s the most interesting person to ever walk this earth.

I’m surprised anyone can be so interesting and still have time to write (she also writes novels). I struggle to put these blog posts out with any regularity and I don’t do anything of much interest, so I have a lot of respect for Katie.

I’m must confess I’ve yet to read any of her autobiographies but maybe you have, if so, if I were to read only one of them which one would you recommend? You can let me know via the comments button.

Talking of autobiographies I’m currently reading Tony Cascarino’s ‘Full Time’, it’s fast becoming one of my favourite books. In it he mentions how he named one of his children Teddy after Teddy Sheringham, his striker partner when he was at Millwall. With this in mind, have you ever named your child after a work colleague?

And Finally… whilst we are talking books, I spotted used copies of the book I co-wrote selling for 1p (plus P&P) on Amazon. There maybe some out there asking why so expensive. In the past this news may have put me in a bad mood, but I quite like it, as I want as many people to read the book as possible. What I don’t understand is who makes money when books are priced at 1p, Amazon? The seller? The author? It’s definitely not the author. Should you know enlighten me, cheers.

Til next time, stay safe!



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