Forgetfulness, fatigue and bladder issues

Hola. Hope you are well.

Two weeks ago, I went to see my mate Prong2 (him from my radio show, 3Prong Attack) perform with his band, Stage Door Guy.

This meant, the following morning (Fri) before work I had to transfer the contents of my pockets from my going out trousers to my work trousers. This was essentially the 2 front pockets, yet this proved beyond me, as I only transferred one of my pockets.

I only realised my error when I was heading to the train station and realised I didn’t have my Oyster card. Neither did I have my keys, so couldn’t get back into my flat. Luckily ‘Her With One Part-time Job’ was still at home so I tried to ring her, but found out I had no credit on my phone. This is not the affluent image London likes to portray.

I didn’t cover myself with much more glory the next day, (Sat), when having been woken up early by a neighbour’s heavy footed child, followed by afternoon drinking with an old school friend, meant that by early evening I found myself needing a nap. The only problem being, I was in a theatre, a very intimate theatre, where I was on the front row.

Apparently it took me 2 mins to nod off. The only time I was able to stay awake was in the last half hour of the play, when I was concentrating hard on not wetting myself.

I’m sure if I were a few years older, my forgetfulness, fatigue and bladder issues would see my family researching retirement homes.

Ps. Feel free to let me know, when you have fallen asleep in inappropriate places. You can contact me via the comments button.

Til next time, stay safe!



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