Who’s been sleeping in your bed?

Happy New Year. Hope you are well.

Here’s a quick question, when you woke up on January 1st did you find a Romanian or Bulgarian in your bed? I only ask because if you believe certain political parties we wouldn’t be able to move for Romanians and Bulgarians now restrictions have been removed allowing them to work here.

The picture painted was that everywhere we’d go there would be a Romanian or Bulgarian there. On your way to work, one would be sat in your seat, when you’d get to work they’d be doing your job and by the time you’d return home they’d be in your marital bed.

So in the spirit of research let me know if a Romanian or Bulgarian has replaced you in the marital bed. You can contact me via the comments button (or on Twitter @anunknowncomic)

Til next time, stay safe!



3 thoughts on “Who’s been sleeping in your bed?

  1. I haven’t woken up with any Romanians or Bulgarians in my bed, but I’ve woken up to find a few demons in my head!

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