February is the new January

Hola. Hope you are well.

I don’t do new year’s resolutions, mainly because I strive to do better everyday. Ok, I might be exaggerating on the latter bit but the first part of the sentence remains true.

For a long time I’ve thought January isn’t the best month to start changing your ways, mainly because January is generally miserable weather wise, you’ve probably overindulged and overspent at Christmas and you’re already fed up at work.

That’s why I would suggest easing yourself into the year and putting off the ‘new you’ til February, by that time you’ll probably be more receptive to change. Alternatively, you could just live with your failings.

Til next time, stay safe!



4 thoughts on “February is the new January

  1. Never really understood the annual tradition of setting unlikely life changes at the start of the New Year, inevitably resulting in failure. Instead of setting up some kind of denial of pleasure, why not set realistic goals to work towards in the year ahead; and if achieving these goals means cutting back on the little pleasures, it’s far easier to do over time.

    Hope you have a successful 2015!


    • Hi Simon. You are spot on. I read an article a few months back that said we should set different targets over short time frames. Setting them over a year is too ambitious.

      Anyway. Have a great and achievable 2015

  2. Well , is 2015 the new 2014 ? I thought you’d posted from the future at first (Jan 9th) . TAKE THAT VINCENT CABLE with your rip-off post-off sell-off. Then I thought you’d finally posted last year’s New Year message (2014). Then I thought you were probably tired , emotional and confused after a traumatic and proper day’s work (or two) . Then I realised you needed to know if we’re paying attention. I shall henceforth desist from pedantry in 2015.

    • Good spot. I am indeed tired , emotional and confused after returning to work but I also tweeted last year’s blog post this year. The Greens would love this level of recycling. As it happens the blog is more popular this year than last. I might just tweet out all my past blogs. The past is the new future.

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