A poem for Lent

Hola. Hope you are well.

As I’m sure you’re all aware we have entered the period known as Lent. The school I work at have done a number of events around Lent. I even learnt that the word derives from the word lengthen as in the days lengthen at this time of year. Ironically the word has subsequently been shortened to Lent.

With all this talk about Lent, I ended up writing a poem. I’m reluctant to post poems I write, I’ve only ever done it once before and on that occasion my mate at work criticised it for being an acrostic poem and both he and ‘Her With One Part-time Job’ weren’t happy that I’d used ‘iccle instead of little.

Anyway despite this, here’s my poem about Lent.

Sacrifices and Everyday Vices.

For this year’s Lent,
I’m giving up,
paying rent.

Don’t tell my landlady,
Cos she’ll go crazy
and kick me out
when she sees no money,
in her account.

So on second thoughts,
I won’t give up,
paying rent
for Lent

And will come up with something else instead,
as I’ve become quite accustomed
To a roof over my head.

Written by Julian Daniel

Til next time, stay safe!




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