What UKIP are for

Hola. Hope you are well.

It might be wrong but I’m slightly fascinated by UKIP or more pertinently the amount of coverage they get. Despite having no MPs not a day goes by without them being mentioned in the media.

With the majority of our print media leaning towards the right politically, they probably share many of UKIP’s beliefs but at the same time wouldn’t want them taking votes from the Conservatives. So instead of attacking their policies, the papers have turned their focus on some of the individuals in the party. Fortunately for the press they haven’t had to do too much digging to find a UKIP member displaying their ignorance, whether it’s ‘Bongo Bongo Land’ or telling Lenny Henry to move to a ‘black country’.

With the press are fixated on UKIP they don’t appear to have the capacity to scrutinise what the government are doing. For example 13m in this country live in poverty¬† and of those that are in work dissatisfaction reigns, with teachers, the fire brigade, lawyers et al all striking this year. So, perhaps UKIP do have their uses, as a kind of Farage headed trojan horse.

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2 thoughts on “What UKIP are for

  1. Gratifyingly , a walkabout by NF (UKIP) had to be cancelled in Croydon this afternoon when the hired steel band realised that the “vibrancy” they were being paid to provide was in aid of racists/xenophobes……….this is probably old news now……at least it’s news. I think you’re right about the trojan horse analogy.

    LENINS TOMB blog has an interesting take on UKIP this week.

    • That whole Croydon UKIP carnival was ODD! The phrase ‘you couldn’t make it up’ often refers to stories surrounding UKIP. I wrote that trojan horse line after half a bottle of wine, not always adviseable.

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