A Bumblebee(e) off

Hola. Hope you are well.

Kasabian‘s new album is called 48:13 after the length of the album, 48mins 13secs. For consistency I think they should have named every track on the album in this way. So instead of first single off the album being Eez-eh, it should have been called 3:00.

Talking of tracks on the new album, Kasabian have a song called Bumblebeee (4:01) [watch here] as does my friend’s band, Stage Door Guy [listen here]. This makes me think they should have a Bumblebee(e) off.

Feel free to listen to both songs and decide which you prefer.

Til next time, stay safe!



2 thoughts on “A Bumblebee(e) off

  1. Stage Door Guy’s song sounded splendid – better than Kasabian’s (although that I didn’t listen/couldn’t face). “I said HOW HIGH ?” in response to scientists doubting Mr/Ms Bee’s ability to fly beeeeing a particular highlight. Also love the ironic (bitter ?) waspish guitar buzz .
    Yes , I prefer SDG to Kasabian.

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