Songs of irritants

Hola. Hope you are well.

I’ve decided it’s time to out myself. It’s something I’ve known for many years but I have never shared it with the world, until now.

I quite like U2!

I know it’s not fashionable to say this but I feel like I have to admit it. I’ve got many of their albums, I’ve seen them live and I think they have a great back catalogue of songs. I even like their more recent songs, such as Ordinary Love from the Mandela film Long Walk to Freedom.

But today their name is mud (not the band Mud) and all because they decided to give their latest album Songs of Innocence away for FREE, to all those with an iTunes account.

You’d think free would be considered a good thing, yet people complained it was invasive, with only 5% of the iTunes customers choosing to download the album. It seems to me that these people are being a little precious.

I don’t have an iTunes account (I thought I did but now I’m not too sure) but if Bono had come round and put a free copy of the album in my letter box (not a euphemism) I wouldn’t have complained. I would have listened to it, maybe listened a few more times, lent it to friends and then kept it in my record collection. I certainly wouldn’t have been using words like invasive.

Perhaps the more important issue is why a band as big as U2 are having to use gimmicks like this to get their music out.

Til next time, stay safe!



Ukip or Golf?

Hola. Hope you are well.

In case you’ve missed it it’s been the conference season in politics.

At the Labour party conference, Ed Miliband delivered a 65 min speech from memory, unfortunately for Ed he forgot to mention the deficit and immigration. The media suggested that if he forgot these topics they couldn’t be important to him.

In the spirit of fairness, I feel that I should mention that a couple of years ago David Cameron forgot his child in a pub. I certainly won’t mention however that at the Conservative party conference, Cameron said he ‘resents the poor’.

Ukip also held their conference. Despite them not having any MPs, the media still seemed very interested in what they had to say. Their conference happened to be on at the same time as the Ryder Cup. It struck me at the time, that Ukip and golf aren’t to everyone’s taste. So with this in mind, Ukip or Golf? You can let me know via the comments button or on twitter @anunknowncomic

Til next time, stay safe!