The Bowling Annie

Hola. Hope you are well.

Over Christmas, the other half and I, took her young cousins to the cinema and it wasn’t the most successful of excursions.

Despite me not having seen Night of the Museum or Night at the Museum 2, the plan was to see Night of the Museum 3 but when we got to the ticket office they only had 5 tickets left. That wasn’t a problem as there was only 4 of us, unfortunately none of the seats were together. This meant we had a problem as even we knew you can’t randomly place young children around a cinema.

Whilst we were contemplating our next move, the children were off getting ice cream for the film. Without our presence they came back with a massive tub each. Out of curiosity, I asked them if they normally have ice-cream when they go to the cinema, they said “No”! They’d obviously sussed we were amateurs.

We still had the problem of seeing a film. The next child friendly film Annie, was on at 4:30 and it was only 2:45, which to me seemed a long time to amuse a 10 & 8 year old.

We decided the best thing to do was abandon the film idea and go next door and go bowling instead. As we hadn’t booked, the next available lane was 4:45. So Annie it was.

We still had the best part of 1h 45 to waste. This ended up getting filled by arcade games and a couple of plates of chips and nachos (not to mention the popcorn we gave them during the film).

All in all, I don’t think we passed the parenting test.

Til next time, be nice to each other.


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