Grey skies and downpours

Hola. Hope you are well.

I went back to Manchester for a few days during half-term and maybe I’ve been living in London too long (I have) but it was noticeably colder up North. I wasn’t without blame, I travelled inappropriately, I took my summer jacket and only had one layer of clothing. What was I thinking, you can’t dress like that in Manchester when it’s only the end of May. I should have expected the grey skies and downpours. The rents cheaper though.

Whilst in Manchester I saved my books (How to Dump your Girlfriend) from being thrown out by the publishers. I now have about 40 of them in my possession. Whilst carrying the heavy bag of books and about to board a bus it did cross my mind as to whether JK Rowling has to do this kind of thing?

With my knowledge of Supply and Demand (A-Level Business) my concern is that with people knowing about the existence of these additional books, it will bring the price down. Although with them currently selling on Amazon for 1p that may prove difficult. Please Note: the postage & packing is £2:80, which makes me think I should have got into postage & package rather than writing a book.

Also on my week off I joined Facebook. Future historians will look back and find I was the last person ever to join Facebook. In the past I’d steadfastly refused to join but now you can add Facebook to the list of things I said I wouldn’t do but have, which currently includes moving to London. At this rate, this time next year I’ll be married and supporting Man Utd.

Til next time, be nice to each other.


If you have time, have a listen to my comedy prongcasts. Cheers

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