Blinded by The Sun

The #prongcast that I do, 3Prong Attack is running its latest campaign. We are hoping to overtake The Sun newspaper.

We believe, we can better serve their readership by promoting causes that will elevate them, rather than being a mouth piece for those at the top of society.

We’ve been encouraged by the fact that The Sun’s circulation recently fell below 2m for the first time in 43 years.

If you’d like to support our campaign all you have to do is press play on our prongcasts. Our shows can be found on SoundCloud and iTunes.

Thank you.

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Value for money?

My first thought when I read that Buckingham Palace was getting done up for £369m at the tax payers expense, was that 3,6,9 are multiples of 3.

Then I wondered why they didn’t round the figure upto £370m. Perhaps ‘they’d’ worked out that if they said the cost was £370m, we would rise up as a nation and call for a revolution but at £369m we’d think it value for money.

I just hope the Queen didn’t just accept the first quote, because everyone knows you’re meant to get at least three.

Til next time, be nice to each other.


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