Should you wake a sleeping baby?

The week before the events in the previous blog post, this happened.

The baby was coughing in his sleep so I woke him to give him some medicine. Did he a) go straight back to sleep or b) was he still awake more than an hour later? Answers on a postcard to it’s always answer b with these kind of questions.


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Other pharmaceutical companies are available.

The baby’s sleep has not been at its best in the last few weeks. Initially we thought it was because he had a cold but the poor sleep seems to have continued long after the cold disappeared.

On the back of this the other half ordered a blackout blind from a well known pharmaceutical outfit (Boots). The blind was supposed to be ready for collection on Saturday. After being out all day, I had to run to said shop before it closed at 5:30, only to find the blind had not been delivered. I was however, assured it would be there on Monday.

On Monday the other half went to pick it up and it still wasn’t there. No one seemed to know where it was. In many ways it was the blind leading the blind.

Ps. We now have the blind, yet the sleep has yet to improve.


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Call me Miss Marple

Call me Miss Marple. The reason I say this because I managed to reunite a man with the keys I found in a nearby street.

How did you do that I hear you ask?

The first thing I noticed about the keys was they had the same key ring as my own. Therefore I assumed it must belong to someone in the same building. I was able to confirm this when the fob opened the external door.

Although this got me a little closer to cracking the case, I still had a little way to go.

Some of you may have spotted that I’m using the plural ‘keys’. There was in fact two keys on the key ring, the door key and the key to the mailbox. A little bit like in Cinderella and the shoe, all I had to do was match the key with the mailbox and I would have the flat number the keys belonged to.

Three minutes of key turning later I had my owner and was able to return them. I have to be honest and say the owner seemed somewhat underwhelmed by my detective work even after I explained my process. His underwhelmness may have been due to him having  just woken up, unless he usually answers the door in a state of undress.

For my next case I will be looking into the links between the Trump administration and Russia.


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Bed hopping

I’m not  one to talk about my bedroom activities, that is until now.
Since the arrival of a baby in our flat, sleep has been the number one topic trending.

Early on me and the other half decided we would split night-time duties, thinking it best we both get some sleep, rather than both of us being permanently knackered.

In practical terms, this has meant sleeping in separate rooms and handing the baby over in the middle of the night. Initially the baby swap included me taking the cot from one bedroom to the other (not with the baby in it). The system may have seemed a little cumbersome but it worked for us.

Our system came under further scrutiny at Christmas, when we went back to our parents. Fortunately they both live on the same street. This still meant that instead of carrying the baby from one room to the other, I had to transport the baby from one house to the next, with the street doubling  for the corridor.

This meant that from any point between 2am -3:30am a neighbour struggling for sleep would have seen me wheeling a baby up the street, every night for a week.

These days the baby is sleeping a lot better, sleeping through to 5am most nights. A wake up call a little earlier than I would ideally like but it’s better than the disrupted nights sleep we were previously experiencing. Due to these early starts we’ve decided that we will take it in turns to sleep in the same room as the baby.

One day in the future me and the other half may even share the same bed. Having said that and whisper it, I reckon I sleep better on my own.


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