I’m not saying I’m better than the BBC but…

The BBC Pay reveal shows a gap between what men and women are paid and that BMEs are underrepresented (not great news if you’re a BME woman).

Now I’m not saying 3Prong Attack (the #prongcast I do) are better than the BBC but…. both me Prong1 and my co-presenter Prong2 have absolute parity when it comes to pay. I say pay, it’s more like costs.

Plus with me being a person of colour and Prong2 being Jewish, we must tick some cultural boxes. But neither of you are women, I hear you ask. Well, firstly some of our 20 to 30 regular listeners are women and secondly, when we started out the third presenter was a woman. The last I heard she was living out in LA, no doubt continually contemplating on what could have been.

In many ways, we are the model the BBC should be copying, apart from the lack of making money and the no audience but other than that they need to be taking notes.


Put your money where my mouth is

I read recently that Naughty Boy ploughed the £44 000 he won on Deal Or No Deal into becoming the successful music producer he is today. I like stories like this where people back themselves and come out on top.

It’s made me ponder, what’s the least amount of money I would need to make a success of my creative career.

I reckon I would have to take a couple of years off work but fortunately for me, in this scenario anyway, I am on a low wage, so it wouldn’t take a ridiculous amount to cover the two years. I’d also need to budget for travel and any equipment required. All in all, I’m thinking about £40 000.

My biggest concern however is that I’d get 18 months in and I’d be no closer to being a success, I’m basing this on the last 20 years. Should there be a rich benefactor/benefactors reading this, don’t be put off by this as I am willing to put this to the test. You can contact me via the comments button or @anunknowncomic. We can swap bank details offline.

I’d be interested to know what’s the least amount of money you would need to fulfill your dreams?

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Floating my genius on Wall st

About a month ago I flicked through a book on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation to you).

I thought that once I’d implemented the advice I would become a massive star of the internet, floating my genius on Wall St and hanging out with tech big hitters like, Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandburg and Sam Sung.

As it’s happened a month on and I’ve not noticed one bit of difference to my status.


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The last word on the General Election

I know the world has moved on from the General Election but I feel everyone needs to read my thoughts, so here goes.

  • Firstly, why would you call an election and make it about personality when you don’t have any … erm… personality.
  • Hopefully this election has put to bed the idea that Lynton Crosby is some kind of genius. Thankfully the public saw through soundbite politics. It would appear the electorate weren’t prepared to put up with ‘strong and stable’ for 7 weeks.
  • Despite their best efforts it would appear the ability of papers like The Sun and The Daily Mail to influence the voters is on the wane.
  • The last point may in some ways have something to do with the increase in the youth vote, who don’t get their news from the traditional media.
  • And finally it was good to see the experts before the election telling us how it was going to go and then after the election tell us why these things didn’t happen. It’s almost like the political experts don’t really know what the electorate is going to do.


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A progressive alliance

A minority government sounds like it should be really progressive. A government that includes black people, asian people and people from other ethnic groupings, people with disabilities and people who identify as LGBTQI.

Instead it’s what happens when the Conservatives do a bit rubbish at an election.


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