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Dr Fox the DJ

Hola. Hope you are well.

After spending a chunk of last week’s blog post bad mouthing rugby, have a guess who watched the last 20 mins of the Wales match and 60 mins of the New Zealand game? Yep that’s right me. I still maintain it’s not a great spectator sport and I think ‘Her With One Permanent Job’ agreed as when I was watching yesterday’s game, she mentioned how if she had got to the TV before me she could have been watching the Andrew Marr show. I did flick over to the Andrew Marr show and it might have been abnormally slow moment but nothing seemed to be happening. In fact it made me appreciate the rugby a little bit more.

As for the Rugby, tis the final on Sunday and I will give it a watch, as long as I get to the TV before ‘HWOPJ’ . For those who have not been following the Rugby World Cup, the final will be between France and New Zealand. After their victory in the semi-final France were described by one pundit on ITV as the worst team in the tournament, they’ve also fallen out with their coach, they’ve been beaten by Tonga and struggled to beat a Welsh team that were a man down for 62 mins. New Zealand on the other hand were favourites before the tournament and bigger favourites now, and they have home advantage. So why am I thinking of putting a couple of quid on France to win? There’s probably an obvious answer to that question.

In domestic news, I woke for work as usual one morning last week and went to put on the light in the living room and nothing happened. I thought the bulb must have blown, so I went to switch on the lamp and again nothing. Due to my northern working class sensibilities I thought we must have been cut off but then I thought we pay the bill by direct debit so we couldn’t have missed a payment. I then decided to see if it had affected anywhere else in the building, so I opened the front door and tried the light  just outside, nothing. At this point I was ready to go back inside and bemoan my luck, only to hear a female voice say, “hello”. This put me in a slightly awkward position as I just had a top and boxer shorts on. In hindsight I probably should have gone back inside and put some trousers on, as she had only seen me through frosted glass, but not wanting to appear rude and look like I was ignoring her, I decided to go out in what I was standing in. I was met by the couple from upstairs, dressed more appropriately, ie not in their underwear. The woman went on to introduce herself and her husband, as she pointed out that we’d never actually been formally introduced to each before this. I wonder if there’s ever been a more informal introduction in the history of introductions?

On to politics and the Liam Fox furore. It does seem a little odd to me that as the Defence Secretary Liam Fox’s mate Adam Werritty was  able to sit in on high-powered meetings. I know I wouldn’t be able to allow my friends just to wander around in the schools I work in and I certainly wouldn’t be able to get away with having them present in departmental meetings. You might have thought the Ministry of Defence may have had a similar or even more stringent policy on such matters especially as they are dealing with national security.

One of the reasons why I can’t take this story too seriously is that Liam Fox, as well as being a politician is also a doctor and therefore he’s sometimes referred to as Doctor Fox, which makes me think of the DJ, Neil Fox who in the 90’s and the early 00’s was also known as Dr Fox. I realise being a DJ is a very important job, those songs won’t play themselves. but even at the time it did seem a little ridiculous that a DJ would try to pass himself of as a doctor. I know the song says, “Last night a DJ saved my life” but I’m pretty sure this was a metaphoric saving of a live. Anyway feel free to let me know if as an adult you’ve tried to pass yourself of as a doctor or someone in authority.

And Finally… Working in schools I am aware more than ever that I need to be relatively careful what I say in these blog posts, so I was a little surprised when I read about a teacher in Hull who had a go at the pupils at her school and the people of  Hull  generally, during a Facebook conversation. Apparently words such as ‘thick‘ and ‘inbred‘ were mentioned and in the article one mother was disgusted because she had to explain to her child what inbred meant. That must have been  an awkward conversation, “so son, you know how your dad is also your uncle ….”

Til next week, stay safe!


Do they know it’s kwanzaa?

rod,jane and freddy

Hola. Hope you are well.

I believe at the time of writing parts of  the South are suffering with drought. I don’t think it’s got to the point where Bob Geldof is rounding up African musicians to record, ‘Do They Know it’s Kwanzaa’. I can’t help thinking ‘Her With One Permanent Job’ and I are in some way responsible for this drought, due to the fact that we’ve had to run a lot of water over the last few days in an attempt to get some hot water, often to no avail. This is because our boiler is playing up. It’s always been temperamental but now it is just taking the p*ss. You wouldn’t think boiling hot water would be so difficult, it’s not as if it’s the heart of winter and the boiler has had to heat the flat as well. A guy from British Gas is coming out to examine it tomorrow and you can guarantee it will work without any hint of a problem. All this did make me think that boilers are one of those things that only get mentioned when they go wrong. So I thought I would be a little different and I would give the readers of this blog the opportunity to say they are happy with their boiler (you can do this via the comments button).

Also last week, I finished the book, ‘A Piano in the Pyrenees’ by Tony Hawks the follow-up to one of my favourite books, ‘Round Ireland with a Fridge’, where he takes a fridge round Ireland, as you do. In this latest book he buys a house in the Pyrenees on impulse and moves his piano into the new property as well attempting to build a swimming pool in the back garden. It was a v.readable book but I couldn’t help thinking, how can he afford to buy a house in France in addition to the his property in this country? Afterall, we are in theory in the same industry, he’s a writer/comedian and I’m a writer/comedian, admittedly he’s a more successful one than me but all the same. we do the same thing and having got my bank statement today I can categorically tell you that I will not be buying a houses in the Pyrenees any time soon. Or anywhere else in France for that matter.

This however could be all about to change as I am now reading a new book, ’59 Seconds’ by Professor Richard Wiseman and he must be good because not only is he a professor but he’s also got the surname wiseman. In the spirit of fairness I should mention that his first name can be abbreviated to Dick. Anyway the premise of the book is that you can change aspects of your life and the way you do things in less than a minute, hence the title 59 seconds. This is my kind of book, little effort for maximum reward. This is the book I should have read 20 years ago (technically it wasn’t out 20 years ago). I’ll be sure to let you know how I get on, although the evidence should really be quite obvious.

And finally…. Last week Roy Skelton the voice of Zippy and George from Rainbow died. I was a little surprised he did both of their voices as they seemed so different but I suppose that was his genius. I wonder if Rod, Jane and Freddy will be at the funeral? I always thought it was brave of Rainbow to introduce us children to ‘an alternative relationship’. Even with the oddities that was Rainbow, i.e. a talking hamburger, a camp pink hippo and a talking bear, even as a 6 yr old, we were all aware that Rod, Jane and Freddy, were the weird ones.

Til next week, stay safe! 

Hello wordpress, hello world!


me. pic by Jay McCorkle


Thanks for clicking on my blog ‘Inside the mind of an unknown comedian’. This isn’t so much a new blog but it’s newest home.

Some of you reading this, may have followed the blog when it used to be on geocities. Then when geocities scrapped its free service, I scarpered and moved to Weebly and used their blog facility. But when I started my football blog on WordPress, ‘The View from the Trevor’, I thought I’d move my personal blog here aswell. It’s good having them under the one roof.

For those that don’t know what this blog is about, well frankly its about everything and nothing. I basically write about things that are going on in my world or how the world affects me. As a comedian I hope what I write is in some way entertaining. I also welcome your input, so feel free to add your comments, via the comments button.

The only other thing to add is to let you know that I update this blog Every Monday. That is unless for some reason I can’t.

Hope you enjoy!

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