Do we owe sir vince cable an apology?

I’ve had to sit and watch the political commentariat put the Lib Dems unexpected good performance in the local elections down to a protest vote, a resurgence, or a response to their remain stance over Brexit. The truth however is that on the last 2 prongcasts I do, we have mocked Sir Vince Cable over his lack of achievements as Lib Dem leader. I can only assume the electorate voted in such large numbers for his party just to spite us.



The Curse of 3Prong Attack??

In our latest #prongcast Prong2 mentioned Robert Mugabe, he’s now under house arrest (Mugabe not Prong2). It’s the curse of 3Prong Attack. The first winner of our Prongs of Praise Nigel Pearson, is currently managing in the Belgium 2nd division. It might be worth our while to get people to pay us not to mention them on our podcasts.


From Lewisham to Southwark

Hola. Hope all is well.

2015 was a big year in politics, not only was there the general election, which was covered on this episode of my podcast, (arguably our most coherent #prongcast) but more importantly I was accepted onto the Lewisham Civic Leadership programme. This largely involved going to council meetings. I’ve now graduated from the scheme, and also moved out of Lewisham , 3 months is a very long time in politics.

Should you be interested, and why wouldn’t you be, here is the first of 3 journals I wrote during my time on the scheme. It’s also a chance to see what I look like without glasses.

Ps. Should anyone at Southwark Council be reading this, let’s talk about how I can get involved in the community.


Til next time, be nice to each other.


How Grimmy can save Radio 1

Hola. Hope you are well.

I read an article recently, looking at how Grimmy (Nick Grimshaw) can attract young listeners to Radio 1.

This interested me because I have a foot, loosely in both camps. As I am sure you’re aware I prongcast (podcast to most people) under the name 3Prong Attack and for the last 4 years I’ve worked in a Secondary school, working with 14,15,16 year olds, an age group Radio 1 would covet.

Thanks to Google and me having my first and surname on my ID badge, some of the children were able to track down my prongcasts. This meant that despite having what could be described as a niche audience, a large percentage are teens. So if Grimmy really wants to boost the number of young listeners to his show, he should take a job working in schools. That or get a well paid job judging talent on X Factor.

Til next time, be nice to each other.



Less is Demure

me. pic by Jay McCorkle

me. pic by Jay McCorkle

Hola. Hope you are well.

Today’s blog is what could be described as a poetry special.

Firstly, I’d like to direct you to a poem of mine, that I read out on the radio show I do. The poem is about the radio show I do, with references only the handful of listeners we get will understand. Should this not put you off, the poem is about 5 mins into the prongcast.

Secondly, I found a poem a couple of weeks ago (in the vault) that I was commissioned to write, on the theme of fashion for Cartwheel Arts, back in 2008/09. (back when there was a little bit of money to pay artists and performers)

As it happened this poem wasn’t used, overlooked for another poem I wrote, despite the photo shoot being designed around this poem (see pic at top of the page). So after a few minor tweaks and a few years on, I thought I’d give it an airing.

All you need to know is, Middleton is a town in Greater Manchester, Hulme is a place in South Manchester and Milan is a place in… you probably know where Milan is.

Less is Demure.

Everyday we decide whether to conform,
Stay ahead of the norm
Or just to stay warm.
From the pristine white at Lords,
To the black worn by Goths,
Even Adam and Eve wore loincloths.

Everyday we decide to dress to impress
Or belie the true feelings we possess.
Yet our search for individuality has got lost,
down the aisles of high street stores.
Where brand whores, put price above child labour laws.

We have editors desperately seeking the next big trend,
But irony dictates, that as soon as anything becomes popular
it is the beginning of the end.

Catwalk models strut their stuff on the runways of Milan,
Wearing outfits only they can.
And I’m not one to assume,
but I don’t think you’ll see these clothes in Middleton or Hulme.

The kids I see, wear sagging jeans in good need of a belt.
Whilst shops sell ‘iccle’ baby grows designed to make the heart melt.
Hawaiian shirts and Bermuda shorts seek warmer climes,
And even Paris Hilton wears knickers sometimes.

Fashion likes to look back on its lot.
From Marilyn Monroe in ‘Some like it Hot’,
To shoulder pads and leggings from a time style forgot.
Yet don’t ask me why,
But there’s nothing wacky about a wacky tie.
I said, there’s nothing wacky about a wacky tie.

Til next time, be nice to each other.


What I did in my summer holidays

Hola. Hope you are well.

Anyone who’s ever read this blog will know it’s not a vehicle for me to boast about my achievements. This isn’t a conscious decision, it’s more to do with not having achievements to boast about.

However, the figures are in for August and both this blog and my football blog, ‘The View from the Trevor’ recorded their best figures ever. It definitely helped that I was off work all through August, allowing me to write more posts and promote/pester people on Twitter.

In addition to this, the podcast (prongcast) I’m involved in 3Prong Attack has also gone from strength to strength with it becoming more popular in Holland and the USA than in England. We’ve also gained a following in Athens, although nowhere else in Greece.

Anyway, I’m back at work now, after 6 weeks off (no one ever seems sympathetic when I mention this) so I’m sure I won’t be repeating these figures anytime soon. In the meantime, thanks to all those that have read or listened to me in my various projects, it is appreciated.

Til next time, stay safe!



Ive not eradicated racism


An inspirational black leader with a statue of...

An inspirational black leader with a statue of…

Hola. Hope you are well.

I went on my first march a couple of Saturdays ago. I was helping to stand up against racism (and fascism and homophobia and Islamophobia et al)

I say it was a march, it was more like a leisurely stroll (whilst carrying a placard) from Parliament Square to Trafalgar Square, approximately 900m, my kind of march.

At Trafalgar Square, there were speeches, some music and even a poet. I’m not here to say I’ve eradicated racism, fascism, homophobia, or Islamophobia, but you can only do so much on a Saturday morning.

My attendance however was not without personal sacrifice as me being there meant I missed watching the Chelsea v Arsenal game. I can only wonder if Martin Luther King Jnr was as committed to the cause.

I’m not sure how many people were at the event because they were undecided about racism or fascism and wanted to hear what the speakers (and the poet) had to say before they came down one way or the other on the topic but one thing I do know is that my mate Prong2 (from the 3Prong Attack radio show) despite being invited by me, was a no show. I’m not here to cast aspersions but …

Til next time, stay safe!