Hola. Hope you are well.

Earlier this year I went to a football network event and met a number of sports journalists and the general theme of their feedback was that to achieve success I needed to work harder. Whatever I was doing I needed to do more of it, so if I write about football, I needed to write more, if I watch games, I needed to watch more games, if I read about football I needed to read more, you get the drift.

A couple of weeks ago I watched ITV2’s ‘Big Reunion: On Tour’. ‘Her With One Permanent Job’ must have been elsewhere or this programme would not have seen the light of day in our flat.

On the programme J from 5ive spoke about why he hadn’t taken part in the reunion (5ive are currently 4our), and his breakdown during his time in the group.

He went on to explain how he thought being in a group would make him happy, that fame would make him happy, that going out with good looking women would make him happy. Apparently none of it did. It was only when he started meditating and looking inward that he became happier. I fully believe constantly chasing external things in the hope they will make you happy is a sure-fire way to driving you insane.

Since seeing J’s revelation, I have changed my life, or at least my approach to life. My new approach is to accept that since I currently work 5 days a week and without the way with all to create time or clone myself, I’m not going to be able to do all the creative things I want to. Or if they do get done it’s going to take me longer.

Prior to this, somewhat in line with those at the football seminar, I would try to do as many things as I could but because life has a way of getting in your way, it would often mean I wouldn’t get everything done, in the time frame I’d put on myself. This would often leave me feeling frustrated.

Now, post J, I can concentrate on the things I’ve done and not beat myself up for the things I haven’t done. After all what I do isn’t that important, I write blogs, I tweet celebs. If my new approach means that a celebrity has to wait a couple more days before they can ignore my tweet then so be it and for that they have J from 5ive to thank.

Til next time, stay safe!