Onwards and Sideways

susan boyle

Hola. Hope you are well.

I am writing this blog at this time on a Monday because I am not in work today, this reason being I was laid off. Apparently it was due to financial reasons, maybe I shouldn’t have demanded £100 000 a-week. In all seriousness it did come as a shock. The first incline I got that something was up was at the end of  school on Wednesday when the teacher told me that the school had hired a woman on a permanent basis who was replacing me in her class. My teacher wasn’t happy as it meant the class would now have 3 women leading it and she wanted a man in it, someone with authority. I did at this point have to clarify she was talking about me. She said she would have a word with the powers that be and see if they would consider keeping me in the class. When I came in the next day (Thurs) the teacher confirmed that I would not be continuing in the class. I did at this point wonder what that would mean for me, knowing I was there til the end of the Summer term I naively thought they might put me in a different class. It didn’t take me long to find out this wasn’t true because when I turned on my phone during my morning break there was a txt waiting for me from my agency saying as of Monday my services were no longer required. As I famously didn’t do Fridays at this school, it meant that this would be my last day there.

It’s a bit a bummer because I was pretty settled in that job, I knew what I was doing there, I knew how the class worked, what the children were like, how to get there and what was expected of me. And now I’m back to working day-to-day, where I wake up in the morning not sure if I will get a call off the agency, not knowing where I will be  sent or what the children will be like. In many ways it’s like going from being in a relationship and then suddenly being back single and having to go on dates with randoms and having to be nice and pay compliments. The only positive I can see from this situation is that I won’t have to go swimming any more. So it’s onwards and upwards for me, or more likely onwards and sideways.

In other news, ‘Her With One Permanent Job’s family was down this weekend, which was good as we got two meals paid for us (and of course it was nice to see them). We also all went to see Les Miserables. I have to admit I didn’t always follow what was going on but it was enjoyable. More importantly I managed to stay awake during the show, there were times that I thought I was about to drop off  but at the price of the tickets I was determined to stay awake. One thing I did notice is that the show properly rips off Susan Boyle’s song, ‘I Dreamed A Dream’.

This week I also got a blog comment on my football blog (A View from the Trevor) from a certain Alex Ferguson, see here, of course I have no reason to think it’s not the Man Utd manager but I have some suspicions it might be a friend posing as him. I don’t know if it’s just the people I’m friends with but I’ve narrowed it a down to a possible of about 4 people.

And Finally… It was the ‘big’ AV vote on Thurs and not content with being a couple who jog together we also vote together. We did work out whilst walking to the polling station that if one of us voted Yes and the other voted No, it would be the most pointless walk of our life. My favourite story from the elections came from Bury, where the council was decided by picking straws, see here. It wasn’t because people in Bury haven’t got the capability to count up the votes, it was because it was a dead heat. It does seem a rather unsatisfactory way of resolving something as important as this. What next, deciding who wins the General Election by using Rock, Paper, Scissors? Now that would be an alternative voting system. 

Til next week, stay safe!

What do you have to do to get attention

elin and tiger woods

Hola. Hope you are well and had a good Bank holiday weekend.

I’ve had a relatively quiet week, taking it easy after Edinburgh. I had one writing workshop to do and I also went to an actual football match in an actual football stadium. During the workshop I had one of those ‘little victories’ that I believe life is built upon. I had to get the people attending the workshop to describe an activity they do as if it were a recipe, which isn’t something you do everyday. After they did this, I asked them, “How did they find that”? As the words were leaving my mouth, I did start thinking, is this a good question to ask, as it does leave me open to negative feedback. It’s one of the reasons I don’t ask the question “Do you love me”? The other reason I don’t ask that question, is that I’M NOT A WOMAN.

Anyway back to the workshop, after a brief pause, one of the attendees said, “It was difficult, but due to the exercises I’d set, he was able to do it.” Then like that scene in Spartacus, others stepped forward and said similar things. This was nice, especially as the person who booked me was in the room. It made me look like someone who knows what he is doing, which isn’t always how I feel. Like most people, I sometimes feel unsure about my abilities or out of my depth. I imagine most people get like this, Jimi Hendrix at some point probably thought, is the guitar for me, Sir Alex Ferguson from time to time probably questions his ability as a football manager, Nick Clegg probably wakes up every morning and thinks he’s out of his depth as Deputy Leader. Maybe the latter isn’t the best example I could have chosen.

Talking of Edinburgh as I did briefly at the top of the page, I met up with Marvin Cheeseman outside a pub in city centre Manchester last week, to do a cash drop off. To onlookers it probably looked like an unlikely dodgy deal. I mention this meeting because after our successful three dates at the Edinburgh Festival you would think on seeing Marvin and I together people would have been tooting their horns at us, pedestrians would be high fiving us and maybe carrying us on their shoulders through the streets of Manchester. But we got nothing. What do you have to do to get some attention round here, stick a cat in a wheely bin???

Onto other matters, a few weeks ago I mentioned how I had to sit through two soppy movies, ‘Before Sunset’ and ‘Before Sunrise’ (see here). Well I inadvertently got my own back on ‘Her With One Permanent Job’. She likes the Coen brothers’ movies so I got ‘No Country for Old Men’ out of the library, (£1 for a week) all I will say is this isn’t a first date movie. There must be over 20 deaths in this film, including a couple of dogs. I suppose it could be a good drinking game movie, you could take a swig of alcohol every time someone dies. By the end of the film you would be p*ssed, so maybe it would be a good first date movie after all.

And Finally… I never really fancied Elin Woods (Nordegren), that was until last week, when she got her divorce settlement from Tiger. There’s something about a woman inheriting £64m that makes them somewhat alluring. I wonder if she drinks and likes violent movies???

                                                 Til next week (Mon), Stay Safe! 

(original post 31/8/10)