In your face George Osbourne

pete digby

Hola. Hope you are well.

I’ve had a pretty good week. On last week’s blog I mentioned how these could be the most important 2 weeks of my life. Well I’m a week in and I wouldn’t say it’s quite lived up to this billing but I have managed to do a few productive things, mainly involving money.

Firstly I sorted out my tax code, as since I started working in February I’ve been on Emergency tax, I’m not exactly sure what the emergency was. So now my tax code has been altered to represent my small earnings, so much so that on this week’s payroll I noticed the tax man has paid me, albeit £1:60. It maybe on be £1:60 but I’m claiming it as a small victory, all I’d like to say at this point is “In your face George Osbourne”.

On a similar note, as well as sorting out my tax code I also I did my self assessment tax returns. The deadline to do this online is Jan 31st 2012, and normally I would leave doing it until mid January but because I know I’m owed some tax back, I was right on it in April. I know, I’m a whore.

And the third thing involving money that got sorted out was our council tax.  We’d been having a little trouble with our council tax bill, mainly because when ‘Her With One Permanent Job’ moved to London, she was living in the flat alone, so had a single person’s allowance, when I rocked up we required a new account. A couple of months ago we paid off some of our council tax bill but unbeknown to us we paid it into the single persons account and not the joint account as we intended. This meant we started getting letters saying we owed a certain amount on the joint account and if we didn’t pay it we would receive a court summons. Not once however did we get a letter saying you’ve paid too much into the single persons account, here is your money back. Bloody typical!

Last week I mentioned how ‘HWOPJ’ took me around IKEA, well this Saturday I think things evened themselves out, as she came out to the pub to watch Man City vs Man Utd in the FA Cup semi-final. At times I looked over at her and the look of boredom on her face accurately encapsulated how I felt in IKEA. At least after you watch football in a pub you don’t have to take a bit of the pub home and then assemble it to the annoyance of your neighbours (see last week’s blog post).

Talking of ‘HWOPJ’, she helped out at the London Marathon yesterday (Sun) and saw a man (Pete Digby) running with a washing machine on his back. He was the same man who ran last year’s race with a fridge on his back. It does make me wonder what will he have on his back at next year’s marathon, maybe a small caravan. She said she also saw a man who was bleeding from his testicles. That’s dedication to his charity. It did make me ask myself, which would I prefer, to run the marathon with a washing machine on my back or to run the marathon with bleeding testicles.  I’m still undecided. Feel free to let me know your thoughts, you can comment via the comments button.

I’d like to flag up the fact I will be on BBC Radio Manchester this coming Sunday, 24th April. I will be on the Andy Crane show between midday-2pm, talking about the stories making the news. I should be joined by a politician and musician. You can also receive BBC Radio Manchester, online, a Digital Radio (in M’cr) and on 95:1Fm (in M’cr).

Also next week, this blog will probably be published on Tuesday as I will be travelling back from M’cr on the Monday.

And Finally… The news the nation has been waiting for. Back on 28th February I mentioned how we had 77 fish fingers in our flat, well this Saturday, 16th April we finished the last of this batch. It’s been truly emotional. I feel like an X-Factor contestant in that I’ve been on a journey. In many ways I think we’ve all been on a journey. I think my next food based project will be to let you know how many grains of rice we have in the flat.

Til next week, stay safe!