Something to ponder.

It’s only taken 4 years but the comedy prongcast (podcast) I do 3Prong Attack has passed 10 000 listens (this doesn’t include the 1000+ downloads). Thanks to anyone who’s listened.

In other stats based news, the football blog I write has seen its best monthly figures of the year. Working in education as I do, August has also seen me on my summer holidays which may have had something to do with these improved figures. Perhaps this is a sign I should take September off. The only problem with this, is that like Snapchat I’ve yet to find a way to monetise my online popularity and without September’s wage I may struggle to eat and pay bills. It’s something to ponder.


The key to online success.

I was looking at the stats of my football blog and it appears that the most popular day came after I tweeted a link where I accidentally used #Waffordfc not #Watfordfc. Does this mean the key to online success is misspelling? Perhaps Google was meant to be Goggle and only became a global success when there was an admin error at America’s equivalent of Companies House.


Have a listen to my comedy prongcast. Thanks.

Hello wordpress, hello world!


me. pic by Jay McCorkle


Thanks for clicking on my blog ‘Inside the mind of an unknown comedian’. This isn’t so much a new blog but it’s newest home.

Some of you reading this, may have followed the blog when it used to be on geocities. Then when geocities scrapped its free service, I scarpered and moved to Weebly and used their blog facility. But when I started my football blog on WordPress, ‘The View from the Trevor’, I thought I’d move my personal blog here aswell. It’s good having them under the one roof.

For those that don’t know what this blog is about, well frankly its about everything and nothing. I basically write about things that are going on in my world or how the world affects me. As a comedian I hope what I write is in some way entertaining. I also welcome your input, so feel free to add your comments, via the comments button.

The only other thing to add is to let you know that I update this blog Every Monday. That is unless for some reason I can’t.

Hope you enjoy!

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