Tales from the bin area.

A bit over a month ago I found Keith Richard’s autobiography in the communal bin area (it wasn’t in the bin it was in a plastic bag of other books & DVDs on the ground). I took the book because I’d previously wanted to read it. Then a couple of weeks ago I found a working watch in the recycling bin. It was poking out from a box of letters. I had been thinking about treating myself to a new watch as mine had been playing up for a while. One of the good things about this watch is that it glows in the dark so when I can’t sleep at night I know exactly what time it is. Who knew that the most successful aspect of my life would centre around the communal bin area?


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Are libraries on borrowed time?

Hola. Hope you are well.

If libraries did not already exist, they would not be introduced today but as they do exist they are being killed slowly.

The reason I fear for the future of libraries is twofold.

Firstly, local councils are being crippled by the government imposed cuts and so are continually looking at ways they can cut costs. Secondly, the people entrusted to make these decisions, generally don’t use services like libraries or community centres, so don’t appreciate their worth. This is why such services are seen as easy targets. Here are the figures of library closures.

So what of the future? I’ve heard it said libraries need to modernise, which seems to mean sell coffee and replace qualified librarians with well-meaning volunteers. Then in the near future, MPs and academics will no doubt scratch their head, furrow their brow and ponder why children from poorer backgrounds have problems with literacy levels. They will of course lay the blame on teachers and parents, whilst ignoring the impact of the library closures.

To me libraries are more than books (free), computer hire (free), newspapers (free), magazines (free), CD&DVDs (nominal fee), they are a communal space you can go to seek sanctuary.

Til next time, be nice to each other.


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Grey skies and downpours

Hola. Hope you are well.

I went back to Manchester for a few days during half-term and maybe I’ve been living in London too long (I have) but it was noticeably colder up North. I wasn’t without blame, I travelled inappropriately, I took my summer jacket and only had one layer of clothing. What was I thinking, you can’t dress like that in Manchester when it’s only the end of May. I should have expected the grey skies and downpours. The rents cheaper though.

Whilst in Manchester I saved my books (How to Dump your Girlfriend) from being thrown out by the publishers. I now have about 40 of them in my possession. Whilst carrying the heavy bag of books and about to board a bus it did cross my mind as to whether JK Rowling has to do this kind of thing?

With my knowledge of Supply and Demand (A-Level Business) my concern is that with people knowing about the existence of these additional books, it will bring the price down. Although with them currently selling on Amazon for 1p that may prove difficult. Please Note: the postage & packing is £2:80, which makes me think I should have got into postage & package rather than writing a book.

Also on my week off I joined Facebook. Future historians will look back and find I was the last person ever to join Facebook. In the past I’d steadfastly refused to join but now you can add Facebook to the list of things I said I wouldn’t do but have, which currently includes moving to London. At this rate, this time next year I’ll be married and supporting Man Utd.

Til next time, be nice to each other.


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Don’t buy my book at £8

Hola. Hope you are well.

In what could be described as a continuation of the previous blog post, I’m back talking books.

About a year ago (I say a year but who knows when it was) I mentioned that the book I co-wrote, How To Dump Your Girlfriend was selling on Amazon for 1p.

Then recently I was tweaking my website and needed a link to my book and was horrified to see Amazon selling it for over £8. This caused me some concern as it only cost £5:99 when it first came out. At that point I was going to do a blog telling people not to buy the book at £8 as I knew it wouldn’t live up to this price. Due to life and a 5 day a week part-time job, getting in the way I never got round to doing that blog post, until now. In the meantime however, my book has dropped to under £4  which means we can all rest a little easier.

In other book news, I recently contributed a poem for the Ebook The Rebel Versus Society and this is only £1:49. That’s virtually giving it away.

And finally…. A couple of weeks ago I found out to my surprise that more than 50 people have subscribed to this blog. Thanks if that is you. Although as to not exclude people, thanks to all those people who read this blog but haven’t subscribed. In fact thanks to anyone who has clicked on this blog by mistake. You’re all welcome.

Til next time, be nice to each other.


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Booking the trend

Hola. Hope you are well.

The last two books I’ve read have been of a political nature, Owen Jones’ ‘The Establishment’ and Russell Brand’s, ‘Revolution’, meaning if there is a systematic change any time soon, there must be a role for me. If I were to read Thomas Piketty’s ‘Capital In the Twenty-First Century’ I’d probably be leading us into the fairer future.

The book I’m currently reading is a book is an amazing book about Former Liverpool manager Bill Shankly, ‘Red or Dead’ by David Peace. Usually I don’t read big books and I certainly don’t read big books with small print. However this book is both big 715 pages and has small print but as I had a book voucher I thought I’d buy a book that I wouldn’t finish before it was recalled if I got it out of a library.

Before reading a book I often pick a page at random and read a passage so I get a sense of the book. On this occasion, standing in the bookshop in Chorlton cum Hardy, an unknown comedian opened the book. And in this bookshop in Chorlton cum Hardy, an unknown comedian opened the book at page 333. In the bookshop in Chorlton cum Hardy an unknown comedian read this passage.

Four days later, on Boxing Day, 1970, in blizzards and in ice, Stoke City came to Anfield, Liverpool. That afternoon, in the blizzards and in the ice, forty-seven thousand, one hundred and three folk came, too. But in the blizzards and in the ice, Liverpool Football Club did not score. And Stoke City did not score. And in the blizzards and in the ice, Liverpool Football Club drew nil-nil with Stoke City. At home, at Anfield. It was Liverpool Football Club’s tenth draw of the season, their sixth nil-nil draw of the season. And that evening, in the blizzards and in the ice, Liverpool Football Club had twenty-six points. And Liverpool Football Club were seventh in the First Division. In the blizzards and in the ice, Liverpool Football Club were still lost, Liverpool Football Club still missing –

Til next time, stay safe!


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Have you read a book since leaving school?

Hola. Hope you are well.

I read a report recently that said 30% of men have not read a book since leaving school.

Instead of focussing on the minority, I’d like to hear from men and women who have read a book since leaving school. If this is you, then you can let me know via the comments button or on Twitter @anunknowncomic You can always mention a book you’ve enjoyed.

Perhaps those men who’ve not read a book since school, could ease themselves back in with this fun book.

Talking of books my friend has written her first ever novel, Berlintoxication. It’s out as an eBook, check it out here.

Til next time, stay safe!