Vuvuzela or social unrest?

Hola. Hope you are well.

The last World Cup was played out to the sound of vuvuzelas, this oneĀ  backed by the sound of protesters.

I’ve big respect that the protesters didn’t allow a little thing like the World Cup get in the way of highlighting the imbalance between the money spent on the tournament and the money spent on looking after the people of Brazil.

One way the organisers quite clearly saved money was by not employing a choreographer for Pitbull and J-Lo’s performance during the opening ceremony, which seemed to involve a lot of arm waving, some saucy dancing, followed by a lot more arm waving.

At least the Brazil government only have to concern themselves financially with one major tournament it’s not as if they’ll be hosting another major sporting event anytime soon.

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Til next time, stay safe!