There’s no such thing as easy money

justin bieber

Hola. Hope you are all well.

I’ve survived another week here in London and the good news is, I’m over my cold, Woohoo!!!. Getting over colds is one of my few skills, maybe I should put it on my CV.

Talking of which, I managed to cobble together a CV this week as I’m seeking to get a ‘proper job’ to see me through these austere times. On a previous blog post, I said I was going to do a 2 page CV but on reflection this proved to be a little ambitious. I must admit it is a little disheartening when acts like 16-year-old Justin Bieber can bring out autobiographies and I can’t fill 2 pages of A4 with my career history.

I’ve also been checking a few recruitment agencies to see what jobs are out there, which has been an eye opener. I’ve seen a number of jobs that from their job titles alone I wasn’t sure what the job was. I recognised and understood the individual words but put together, I didn’t have a clue. I have that same feeling when ‘Her With One Permanent Job’ makes me watch University Challenge and I don’t understand many of  the questions, nevermind knowing the answers.

In addition to the whole job search, I have been trying to make some easy money. Firstly ‘This Morning’ were giving away £120 000 as part of their Christmas competition, so I thought I’d have a piece of that. I even told my mum and sister to enter the competition. They better give me some money if they win, or I will be properly gutted. In fact I would disown them, but only after they’ve fed and housed be over the festive period.

I also turned to gambling, as this is a sure-fire route to financial security. I thought I would bet on something I know about and I know about the X Factor and I know how it works, so this will be to my advantage when I take on the bookies. So I put £10 on ‘One Direction’ to win, thinking the little girlies would vote for them ten times, meaning they would amass the most votes. They finished third! Cheers for that pre-pubescent girls. Has the recession hit so hard that children haven’t got enough credit on their phones to vote on the X Factor? Or are  the young people in England so politically savvy that they are already saving for their university education. Either way I am £10 out of pocket.

And Finally…. The big event of last week, for me anyway, was Coronation Street, especially the live episode, which I genuinely thought was great. It was so good that about 15mins in I remembered they were doing it live. For those of you that don’t watch Coronation St. (shame on you) a tram came off the tracks, down the viaduct and onto the residents of Coronation St. I suppose that’s what happens if you persist in running tram type vehicles above the ground. Has no one in Wetherfield thought about putting them underground like all sophisticated places?

In the aftermath of the crash, a lot of stories began to unravel, including the fact that Kevin’s wife Sally, found out Kevin had fathered Molly’s baby. This did make me think, has Kevin developed a very specific fetish where he’s only sexually attracted to women whose names end ‘lly’.

Anyway, I could talk Corrie all day but I have to think up an answer to the question, ” where do you see yourself in 5 years time”.

Til next week, stay safe!