Would you want your partner and ex to be mates?

Hola. Hope you are well.

In Coronation Street, Sally‘s ex Kevin and her current fella Tim have been getting on really well, partly due to some sofa action (that’s one for the viewers of Corrie). Over Christmas they compared their friendship with that  of brothers.

In a civil world you’d probably want to your partner and your ex to get along with each other, especially if you have children with your ex, but would you want them to be best mates? Do you want 2 people who know you intimately to be talking about you and comparing notes?

I’m not comfortable when friends from different groups meet, nevermind 2 people who’ve seen me without clothes pallying up.

Feel free to let me know if you’ve been in the situation Sally finds herself in and how did you deal with it? Did you try to put an end to their friendship and what issues did it bring up?

Til next time, stay safe.

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It’s complicated

Hola. Hope you are well.

Having watched Coronation Street in recent weeks it has struck me that Nick Tilsley should consider casting his romantic net a little wider. Firstly, he was all set to marry Leanne, his ex-wife. When that fell through he ended up in bed with Kylie, who just happens to be the wife of his brother David. Not forgetting that in the past he briefly had a fling with Becky, who is Kylie’s sister. I should also mention that before getting back together with Leanne, he was going out with Eva, who is Leanne’s half-sister. The only person in his immediate vicinity, he’s not tried it on with is Lewis, who is busy flirting with Gail, who is the daughter of Lewis’s previous lady friend, Audrey.

With Kevin also making a pass at Jenna, the same women his daughter Sophie fancies, it does make me wonder if the men on Coronation Street should venture a little further afield, at least see what the talent is like on Rosamund Street.

Til next time, stay safe!


My friends in the north

Wills and Kate

Hola. Hope you are well.

It’s been a week of wrapping things up before my move to London. I played my last 5-a-side game, I did my last radio show and had some drinks with my friends. I felt a bit like Jack Duckworth before his passing in Coronation Street. I think the only difference between me and Jack Duckworth is that Jack was going to a better place.

Talking of lasts, at the end of the radio show some listeners texted in wishing me luck, which was really sweet. I say they were wishing me luck, I think they were also using it as an opportunity to have a bit of a go at our southern friends. (You can listen to the comments here 2hrs 54mins)

On Sat I had some drinks with some of my friends. I was explaining to one of my football mates (Pete) that I didn’t see this as proper leaving do, cos I’m not really leaving as my mum lives in Manchester and I am planning to make regular trips back. He replied by saying, “I don’t see it as a leaving do, as I don’t see it working out in London”. I have to admit that genuinely made me laugh, I think it’s the fact that you rarely hear that level of honesty from people. To be fair, it’s nothing that I haven’t thought myself. Let’s face it I’m an unknown comedian in Manchester, so I’m only going to be more of an unknown comedian in London. A place my friend (Adam) described as being, “the most expensive city on the planet”.

But who knows what will happen, there must be some opportunities out there, for example, there’s a vacancy on The One Show couch, since Jason Manford‘s departure. So if any producers of The One Show are reading this, please note I am a northern comedian, like Jason, I’m cheaper and more importantly I haven’t got a Twitter account. But what I will have very soon will be nice white teeth.

Talking of which, I only had two cups of tea last week but not only that I discovered, thanks to the internet, that Bicarbonate of Soda is good for cleaning your teeth. And because I am a sucker for this kind of thing, I went out and bought a tub, and what’s even better it only cost 60p. It certainly beats going to America for specialist treatment, in your face Simon Cowell.

And Finally….. you may have seen this news, but if not Prince William is to marry Kate (Katherine) Middleton, next year. To mark the occasion he gave Kate his mum’s engagement ring, which I think is a little weird. Not because it’s his mum’s ring but because it wasn’t as if Princess Diana had such a happy marriage. (Let me know if this scenario has happened to you, have you passed on your engagement/wedding ring to your next partner or have you received someone else’s ring).

One thing that has been mentioned , is whether we will get a day off work for the wedding. The way the country is heading and the state of the job market, by next year I think people will be having more days off from work than they are planning.

Til next week, stay safe! 

I couldn’t make this up


Hola, I hope you are all well.

Congratulations if you are Spanish and commiserations if you are Dutch. I’m not sure if  this blog has Dutch or Spanish readers. I don’t think my celebrity has reached mainline Europe. If you are Spanish or Dutch feel free to let me know (you can contact me via the comments button). It would be good if I had readers from exotic places, as one of my aims is to replicate my success in this country, Internationally. 

If you have no idea why I’m congratulating the Spanish, then shame on you, where have you been for the last month. In fact how come you have found your way onto this obscure blog and yet you don’t know the winners of the World Cup.

I must also congratulate Paul. You may ask yourself who is Paul? Paul has been one of the most talked about things at this World Cup. He’s not a player and neither is he an official. He is the octopus that correctly predicted the winner in all the Germany games as well as the winner of the final. If you’ve missed the story, you are probably reading this questioning my sanity, but it is true, see here. Paul the Octopus has such fame these days that he has a spokesperson and a Facebook page, which let’s face it, is more than I have. You know you’re struggling career wise, when not only do you see younger people progressing quicker than you but also a bloody sea creature.

Talking of football and Pauls, I’d like to talk about Paul Gascoigne, as I’m a little concerned about him. Last week he claimed he was a friend of Raoul Moat (the gunman in Rothbury). I also read that he used to take phone calls from the Pope, not the current Pope (the former Hitler Youth) the previous one, John Paul II and that Cheryl Cole/Tweedy used to fancy him, see here. Out of the 3 things mentioned I’m struggling to workout which is the most believable (maybe you can put them in an order of believability).

The story did make me think, if you had to choose to be one of the Geordie Icons, Gazza or Cheryl, which one would you choose. On the one hand Gazza had a remarkable career and is seen as one of the most naturally gifted footballers England has ever produced, but he’s also a little bit bonkers to put it politely. Whereas Cheryl despite not being the best singer or dancer has managed to become a massive star, loved by large numbers. But if you do choose Cheryl it would mean that you’d have had to have slept with Ashley Cole. So who would you choose to be???

And Finally …. My favourite showbiz story of the week, is the fact that the rapper Snoop Dogg has said he would like to be in Coronation Street (see here) Now that is something I would love to see. Can you imagine Snoop in the Rovers, maybe supping a pint of Mild and asking Betty if he could sample her delicious hot-pot? If the producers of Corrie are reading this, sign him up!

                                                   Til next week, Stay Safe!

(original post 12/7/10)