Thanks Facebook!

Thanks largely to Facebook I’ve had the recent realisation that all my creative peers have now passed me. They are either getting represented by management, doing one person shows, bringing out books, performing abroad, appearing on Radio 4 and meeting their heroes.

Perhaps the only one of my contemporaries that hasn’t overtaken me is probably Prong2 and that might only because he does a #prongcast with me.

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Pop Poetry

My management team have told me I should start writing poetry again. They’ve assured me there’s money in it and my brand of pop poetry (easily accessible) will go down well. So I went off to a writing retreat (my bedroom) to come up with the future of poetry. The only problem was that for some reason that I’ve yet to workout why the  subjects I was coming up with were, losing in life, being skint and getting old.

I’m not sure how my management team will view them.


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Something to ponder.

It’s only taken 4 years but the comedy prongcast (podcast) I do 3Prong Attack has passed 10 000 listens (this doesn’t include the 1000+ downloads). Thanks to anyone who’s listened.

In other stats based news, the football blog I write has seen its best monthly figures of the year. Working in education as I do, August has also seen me on my summer holidays which may have had something to do with these improved figures. Perhaps this is a sign I should take September off. The only problem with this, is that like Snapchat I’ve yet to find a way to monetise my online popularity and without September’s wage I may struggle to eat and pay bills. It’s something to ponder.


Put your money where my mouth is

I read recently that Naughty Boy ploughed the £44 000 he won on Deal Or No Deal into becoming the successful music producer he is today. I like stories like this where people back themselves and come out on top.

It’s made me ponder, what’s the least amount of money I would need to make a success of my creative career.

I reckon I would have to take a couple of years off work but fortunately for me, in this scenario anyway, I am on a low wage, so it wouldn’t take a ridiculous amount to cover the two years. I’d also need to budget for travel and any equipment required. All in all, I’m thinking about £40 000.

My biggest concern however is that I’d get 18 months in and I’d be no closer to being a success, I’m basing this on the last 20 years. Should there be a rich benefactor/benefactors reading this, don’t be put off by this as I am willing to put this to the test. You can contact me via the comments button or @anunknowncomic. We can swap bank details offline.

I’d be interested to know what’s the least amount of money you would need to fulfill your dreams?

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My Black History Month 2014

Hola. Hope you are well.

There was a time in the past, that I attempted to make a living from being creative (I got nowhere near). Back then Black History Month (Oct) was always a good earner, it also allowed me to reflect on the contributions black people have made to society but mainly it was a good earner.

These days I don’t make any money from creativity (not necessarily my choice) but this didn’t stop me contributing to this year’s Black History Month.

I created 6 posters, 3 writers and 3 musicians, to be displayed around the school I work in. These were basic posters, incorporating a picture and a few facts I’d found during my research (wikipedia). I decided to focus on Black British artists. I could for example have picked Michael Jackson but I thought a few people may already have written about his life and career. Instead my subjects were Jackie Kay, Zadie Smith, Benjamin Zephaniah, Laura Mvula, Jamal Edwards and Dizzee Rascal.

I’ve had some positive feedback from the pupils and my friend and colleague said “As long as they’re down by November”.

Please Note. They’re still up (and my friend was just joking)

Til next time, stay safe!