A Con-Dem Nation

dave and nick

Hola. I hope you are all well. If you’re wondering why today’s post is so late in the day, it’s partly because ‘Her With One Permanent Job’ (HWOPJ) took a day off work to recover from running the Great Manchester Run and so we ended up going to the park and eating ‘middle class foods’ as part of a picnic.

In other equally important news, we finally have a government in place, a Con-Dem coalition. What strikes me about Nick Clegg and David (just call me Dave) Cameron is that they look quite similar. So I thought as they are now officially a double act they should now amalgamate their names like Jedward, who took the ‘J’ from John and the ‘Edward’ from Edward to form Jedward. So I think we should take the ‘D’ from David and the ‘ick‘ from Nick to come up with ‘DICK’. I’ll pass this idea onto them, I’ll let you know how that goes.

On last week’s post I mentioned how I had to hot foot it to Liverpool Lime St to catch the last train back to Manchester as it left at 23:38. So I decided to be proactive and I sent an email to the train company to suggest they put on a later train. I’ve yet to hear from them.

With this spirit of rebellion and mischief running through me I decided to email my local MP, who is a Lib Dem, to express my disappointment that his party has got into bed with the Conservatives. In his defence he has responded. I’m yet to respond to his comments, (I’m a busy man, picnics etc…) but I will. I’ll let you know how it goes. The funniest thing about this is that ‘HWOPJ’ emailed the MP before I did but has yet to receive a response. The only thing I can conclude from this, is that I am more important than she is. Ha Ha!!!

And Finally…If you want to get a better understanding of who I am, then the following probably best sums me up. Ages ago I agreed to do a rare stand up gig (at the Iguana bar, Chorlton on 24th May). At the time I said to myself I should prepare my set a month in advance since I rarely do stand up, that way I can learn it and make sure I put on a good show. Fast forward to a month before the gig, did I start writing the set, no, 3 weeks before the gig, no, surely 2 weeks before the gig, NO.  So today, prior to the picnic, I wrote a rough version of the set. So if anyone reading this is contemplating coming to the gig, remember a man falling flat on his ass, can still be comedy. (for more info about the gig)

                                                     Til Next Week, Stay Safe!
(original post 17/5/10)