Put your money where my mouth is

I read recently that Naughty Boy ploughed the £44 000 he won on Deal Or No Deal into becoming the successful music producer he is today. I like stories like this where people back themselves and come out on top.

It’s made me ponder, what’s the least amount of money I would need to make a success of my creative career.

I reckon I would have to take a couple of years off work but fortunately for me, in this scenario anyway, I am on a low wage, so it wouldn’t take a ridiculous amount to cover the two years. I’d also need to budget for travel and any equipment required. All in all, I’m thinking about £40 000.

My biggest concern however is that I’d get 18 months in and I’d be no closer to being a success, I’m basing this on the last 20 years. Should there be a rich benefactor/benefactors reading this, don’t be put off by this as I am willing to put this to the test. You can contact me via the comments button or @anunknowncomic. We can swap bank details offline.

I’d be interested to know what’s the least amount of money you would need to fulfill your dreams?

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