Is politics for the likes of you and me?

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Here’s what I wrote in this very blog in Nov 2013

then a few days ago this happened .

I’m obviously some kind of modern day Nostradamus figure.

There’s been a high level of snootiness from certain sections of the media (the sections you could probably predict) towards the Russell Brand/Ed Miliband interview.

It’s almost as if these people think that political discussion can only take place in their newspapers/tv programmes. Yet Russell Brand despite not being part of the mainstream media, housing The Trews (True News) on YouTube,  has over 1 million subscribers and more than 150 000 people regularly watch his videos.

I imagine (I haven’t done any research) that a good percentage of his viewers are dissatisfied with party politics and/or the reporting of it in mainstream media.

Instead of being critical of Ed Miliband speaking with Russell Brand, I think more MPs should try to reach those people who are disengaged by the status quo of politics. Unless of course the political elite don’t want a well informed, empowered electorate, challenging policy and seeking alternative solutions.

That’s why I don’t believe, putting an X in a box every 5 years is democracy. This should just be the start of our involvement with politics.

In Other Political News: my mate Prong2 (from my radio show) has written the unofficial song for the General Election, watch the video here.

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Ed and Tales

Hola. Hope you are well.

If you were to only get your information from the newspapers you’d think Ed Miliband can’t do anything right, whether that’s eating a bacon sandwich to wearing a feminist T-shirt. (although the Fawcett Society, the charity behind the T-shirts deny the claim they were made in sweatshops)

Which brings me on to the saga that is Ed giving money to a homeless woman. At first it was reported that Ed had only dropped 2p in the woman’s cup. This was later disputed, with it said Ed had given a handful of coins. We may die never knowing the exact amount he gave.

Some people wondered if it was a publicity stunt, gone wrong. The argument against this, was that if it was a publicity stunt, Ed would have given more money and looked less awkward.

If however he had given more money, I’m sure Ed would have faced criticism for giving the money directly to the homeless person and not to a homeless charity.

In none of the pieces I’ve seen, has anyone questioned why we still have large numbers of people living on our streets but I suppose that’s not as important as scrutinising Ed Miliband’s every action.

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Ukip or Golf?

Hola. Hope you are well.

In case you’ve missed it it’s been the conference season in politics.

At the Labour party conference, Ed Miliband delivered a 65 min speech from memory, unfortunately for Ed he forgot to mention the deficit and immigration. The media suggested that if he forgot these topics they couldn’t be important to him.

In the spirit of fairness, I feel that I should mention that a couple of years ago David Cameron forgot his child in a pub. I certainly won’t mention however that at the Conservative party conference, Cameron said he ‘resents the poor’.

Ukip also held their conference. Despite them not having any MPs, the media still seemed very interested in what they had to say. Their conference happened to be on at the same time as the Ryder Cup. It struck me at the time, that Ukip and golf aren’t to everyone’s taste. So with this in mind, Ukip or Golf? You can let me know via the comments button or on twitter @anunknowncomic

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Ed Milibrand

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Russell Brand has done more to stimulate debate about politics in a 10 min interview with Jeremy Paxman than the combined efforts of Cameron, Clegg and Miliband in the years since the last election.

This has led me to believe that if Ed Miliband is serious about becoming the next Prime Minister he needs to become more like Russell Brand.

He should probably skip the drug addiction and womanising maybe difficult as Ed is married, although Justine, Ed’s wife, is supportive of his career so it maybe difficult but not impossible. Having said that, my understanding of women makes me believe the chances are Justine will rule out infidelity.

I’m not sure much can be done with Ed’s voice so speaking like Russell is out of the question. This just leaves the hair.

That’s right, if Ed wants to win the next election it all hinges on him growing his hair long like Russell’s. If I were more technical, I’d have a picture of how that would look but I’m not so use your imagination instead.

Til next time, stay safe!



Colour Blind

Sophie Amogbokpa

Hola. Hope you are well.

Just to let you know that I haven’t heard from ‘This Morning’ about paying my rent for a year. I can’t help thinking, no news is good news. This week they are giving away £30 000, so this time next week, I should have some good news (The answer to this week’s question is ABBA, should you be interested). Aswell as ‘This Morning’ not being in touch, I’ve not heard from the Queen or Duncan Bannatyne (see last week’s post) but ‘Her With One Permanent Job’  and I have found someone to rent our flat. It had more to do with the power of Gumtree than the efforts of our letting agent.

It did mean that ‘HWOPJ’ and I had to 2 days to move our things out of the flat and to do some intense cleaning before the flat inspection. Here’s a little tip, if you are cleaning with someone else and you have the choice to clean the blinds or not, DO NOT!!! Take your chances with anything else, because cleaning blinds are so time-consuming, as you have to clean each individual panel. I spent  about an hour and a half attempting to clean the blinds in the kitchen. My efforts were hindered because the grime and the steam from cooking over the years had mixed to form an almost impenetrable combination. It didn’t help that I had to clean them whilst leaning precariously over the sink.

At times I have to admit, I did lose the will to live. To gauge how long it took to clean the blinds, I did them in two stages, divided by a sit down fish and chips in a cafe. There can’t be that many things in life that have fish and chips as an interval.

When it came to the inspection, we passed with flying colours, apart from one thing. Can you guess what that was??? Yes the blinds in the kitchen. Bloody typical!!!

The only other thing to say about the move is that I had some stand up banners at the flat that belong to a writing organisation (Commonword) in Manchester City Centre. I did think about taking them back to the organisation as opposed to transporting them to my mum’s house but in the end I decided against this. Not only because of the time constraints, but when the banners are packed in their cases they look like they might be mini missile launchers. And with the Labour Party conference happening in M’cr, I didn’t want to be walking round with two suspicious unidentifiable items. It might be paranoia on my part but I didn’t want to end up tasered, because one thing that you could be sure of is that the tasers the police would fire on me, would definitely work. No faulty ones for this ‘unknown comedian’

Talking of the Labour Party conference, congratulations to Ed Miliband or Red ED as some newspapers have nicknamed him, largely you suspect because it rhymes. On ‘Question Time’ last week, an audience member asked the panel if the Tories will attack  Ed because he isn’t married to the mother of his child (and one about to drop) and because he is a Jewish Atheist. It did make me ask myself, can you be both Jewish and Atheist, aren’t they mutually exclusive terms, like clean living smackhead, a 4×4 driving ecologist or mature student. (feel free to add your own examples via the comments button).

And Finally… Those regular readers to this blog (HWOPJ, Simon et al) will know that in the past I’ve taken many opportunities to slag off Cheryl Cole. Well the battle resumes. Anyone who watched y’day’s  X-Factor will know what I’m talking about. Basically Cheryl put through two performers to the Live shows despite them breaking down and being unable to complete their songs during their audition pieces. This meant that more accomplished performers didn’t go through, including one of the favourites a girl named Gamu. There’s been a lot of speculation as to why Cheryl did this, but I think  Cheryl’s decision had nothing to do with ability but maybe Gamu reminded Cheryl of the toilet attendant she assaulted a few years ago (see pic at the top of the blog) . Who knows???

Til next week, stay safe!