Fiscal planning.

My current financial strategy is based around the fact the football season has now ended. This means I won’t be watching any matches in the pub and spending £6.60 on my pint and a half per game (2 pints if I’m treating myself). The only problem with this strategy is the time I would have been in the pub will no doubt be swapped for family time which is likely to cost me more than £6.60.


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Swings & roundabouts.

On Saturday mornings I help primary school children with their reading (officially I’m a Literacy Intervention Tutor). The venue I’ve been working at since September has ended so in the last few weeks I’ve moved to a new location meaning I’m dealing with new children and a new co-ordinator. On the plus side the new location is within walking distance. The previous location meant getting a train there and a train back which ate into my very small wage. The downside of this new venue however is that I have to walk along a 6 lane carriageway, so although I’m up financially I’m down in the lungs.


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Is anyone still owed PPI?

Normally when I listen to commercial radio I flick over when the adverts come on (sorry advertisers) but the other day I was doing some manual labour so I wasn’t near enough to the radio to change channels. This meant I got to hear adverts on heavy rotation.

In the same set of adverts you were encouraged to reclaim money off high street banks for mis-sold PPI and encouraged to take out a business loan from one of those high street banks.

On some level there were mixed messages being sent out.


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