Inspiring criticism.

I do find it somewhat amusing when people say under Jeremy Corbyn there’s now a culture within the Labour party where you can’t criticise the leadership. Since he was elected leader he’s been criticised by his own MPs, former Labour MPs & former Labour PMs. If anything his leadership has inspired way more criticism within his own ranks than less.


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It’s not all glamour this showbiz malarkey

william hague and christopher myles


Hola. Hope you are well. 

Welcome to my new home. That’s right I’ve moved my blog from its previous home to this one. Don’t worry nothing else will change, it will still be updated on a Monday unless I can’t for whatever reason and it will still contain the usual nonsense. 

I spent most of last week transferring the posts from the old blog to this one, meaning I was sat at the computer for quite a number of hours doing mundane tasks, it was like having a proper job. Naturally it didn’t go smoothly, mainly because I am an idiot and I accidentally saved some posts as drafts and not publishing them as intended. This meant that some posts were out of synch, so I had to delete some posts that I had already taken time and effort to transfer. I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it again, it’s not all glamour this showbiz malarkey. 

As I was on the computer so much last week and because I get distracted easily, and because I’m a little bit vain, I decided to Google, ‘Argos Catalogue of Disasters’ the title of the Edinburgh Festival show I did with, Marvin Cheesesman and Steve Rooney. Regular readers to this blog will know, it’s not served me well in the past when I’ve actively sought out things about me on the internet. Remember when I spotted this, 

“Julian Daniel attempted to be funny. I don’t think he’s quite there yet; but he could be a good comedian in the end. Though not a poet, despite his “funny” verses.” 

Anyway, knowing this I still did it, so I wonder what that says about me. To my surprise and a little trepidation I saw ‘Argos Catalogue of Disasters’ was attached to a Guardian article. I clicked on and it was an article about comedians who do poetry and poets that do comedy, or something like that, I didn’t really read the article, I was trying to find out what was said about the show. We weren’t in the main article but we were in the comments section (see here, scroll down to McMole 28th Aug 11:16AM). I won’t give it away as to whether it was positive or negative feedback but I will say, “Thanks for slagging us of McMole”/”Thanks for the kind words McMole” (delete where applicable). 

Talking of newspapers I made it into my local newspaper the South Manchester Reporter in a section called Who’s Who? it’s where local movers and shakers (and unknown comedians) answer a series of questions about Manchester. It was a nice write-up and it’s always good to get a bit of publicity but it’s interesting how taking out one word can change the whole meaning of a sentence. For example, one of the questions they asked me was “What would be the best thing that could happen to Manchester in the future?” I wrote in my original response, “It would be nice if Man City got some financial backing”. The joke being, Man City are the richest club in the World. However, it appeared in the article as “It would be nice if Manchester got some financial backing”, which makes me sound as if I’m concerned about the funding streams for Manchester council, which I’m not. Not to worry. 

Now on to politics, as it was a busy week for politics what with Tony Blair’s book coming out. It’s cover price is £25 that’s TWENTY FIVE of your hard earned English pounds. In the book, he reveals that he had a fractious relationship with Gordon Brown, who knew? He also reveals he doesn’t regret his decision to invade Iraq, who knew. I think he also speculates that the Earth is spherical. That’ll be £25 thanks. 

The other big political news involves William Hague (49) and the fact that he shared hotel rooms with his aide Christopher Myers (24) on a number of occasions whilst on political trips. Some cynical people put 2+2 together and come up with gay. William Hague then felt he had to make a statement to prove he’s not gay, but it’s not easy to prove you’re not something. He then went on to mention his wife and her multiple miscarriages, which I think is over stepping the mark. If you are in the public eye and your other half isn’t I don’t think you should bring them into the public arena. I was explaining this to ‘Her With One Permanent Job’ just the other day. 

And Finally… I was watching a programme, ‘My favourite Year’, the year in question was 2000. In it, it mentioned Tony Martin who was convicted after shooting and killing an intruder. It also mentioned Barry George who was sent down for the murder of Jill Dando (he was acquitted of this in 2008 after a retrial). I think the one thing we can learn from these 2 things is that we shouldn’t trust people with two first names.  

Til next week, stay safe! 

Julian Daniel

The mill towns are alive with stories

gillian duffy

Hola. Hope you are all well.

I was going to post my blog y’day, but I ended up watching 5 episodes of Peep Show. I Hope you had a more productive Bank Holiday Monday.

I was out and about last Thurs, compering a book launch for the Oldham Writing Cafe, for their book Shadows (you can order this book by emailing writingcafe@hotmail., a book about Oldham, by Oldham writers, inspired by stories from Oldham people. Whilst I was there I met a regular reader of this blog, Simon, which is always nice. It is also a bit weird meeting someone who knows so much about you (by virtue of my posts) and yet you don’t really know each other. He probably knows more about what is going on in my life than my friends and family. I suppose this is the modern way.

One of the stories from the book was about items of clothing being stolen from a washing line. So I asked the audience, which included the Mayor of Oldham and was generally an older crowd, had they had any clothes stolen from their washing line. One woman mentioned that some lads had nicked a load of her bras and then one lady, Pauline, mentioned she’d had her ‘rape skirt’ nicked when she was younger. That I have to admit was definitely not a phrase I thought I was going to hear when I left my flat to go to this event, especially coming out of the mouth of an older lady. Feel free to let me know, via the comments button, if you’ve had any items of clothing stolen from your washing line, or even better, have you ever stolen anything from someone’s washing line. Ps. For those unfamiliar with a ‘rape skirt’ apparently it is a skirt with a zip on the front, which goes all the way down from the top to the bottom.

Someone else who was out and about in the Northwest was Gordon Brown, you may have heard about it, cos he made a gaffe by calling a Rochdale woman, Gillian Duffy, a “bigotted woman”, whilst his TV mic was on. Obviously, it wasn’t the wisest of things to do, but as off the mic remarks go, it could have been worse. He could, for example, have described a black man as a “Thick, lazy, f*cking n*gg*r”. Hello Ron Atkinson if you are reading this.

I’ve heard Gillian Duffy is set to earn between £10 000- £80 000, from newspaper articles etc. which makes me think it was just a clever tactic by Gordon Brown to sort out the pension crisis, one pensioner at a time.

                          Til Next Time, Stay Safe (and vote wisely)!

(original post 5/4/10)