As seen on TV

The nutty professor

Hola. Hope you are well.

I am good if a little achy as I’m back from Newcastle and more specifically back from doing the Great North Run. If this was ITV I would string it out before telling you what time I did it in, but this isn’t ITV so I can tell you I did it in 1hr 40:21, which placed me at 2884, which isn’t bad considering 54000 people ran. I have to admit that I am genuinely surprised at the time. As regular readers will know I was hoping to do it in around 2hrs if only to beat Fearne Cotton’s time from last year and throughout training that was the kind of time I was looking at getting, so when I turned into the final section and could see the clock, I couldn’t believe the time it was showing.

I wouldn’t say I was lucky but on the day everything seemed to go for me and I felt good all the way round, except right near the end, although when I crossed the finishing line my body packed in. It was almost as if it was saying, “I’ve allowed you to run these 13 miles without a problem, but now you will pay for it”. But all in all it was a satisfactory experience and quite addictive, already I’m considering what my next sporting challenge will be. ‘Her With One Permanent Job’  started talking about doing a triathlon, although I’m not sure that is going to happen as she is not good with bikes and I don’t do swimming. I struggle in a pool where there are sides and no waves so I’m not going to swim in the sea where there are waves and a real chance of drowning.

One final thing about the race and a regular reader and contributor to this blog (Simon) thought he may have seen on the TV coverage, which is good news as it means I can advertise myself as ‘as seen on the BBC’. It might not have been ‘Live at the Apollo’ but it was still a BBC programme.

You might have thought the race would have been the true test of endurance this weekend but no, that was the coach journeys to and from Newcastle. The first took 7hrs and the one back 6hrs. But in defence of the coach companies at least they didn’t bump their prices up like the train companies did. Sixteen pounds is definitely preferable to two hundred, even if at times you lose the will to live.

Despite only being in Newcastle for 2 nights it was enough time for a drunken man to shout, “Oi, The Nutty Professor” towards me. In no way is this a reflection on the people of Newcastle but in just over a year I’ve been told to “Butt out MC Hammer” outside a gay club in Edinburgh and told, “I’d taken all the sun and left none for the rest of the people” by an old Spanish lady on a beach in Valencia. As insults go they are not too bad, but it has made me wonder why this keeps happening to me. I’ve come to the conclusion that because I’m not an intimidating looking black guy, people feel they can direct their insults in my direction, rather than a black guy who looks like they might kick their ass. Tis just a theory.

In other news  I have a few gigs and one radio appearance coming up. Tomorrow, Weds 21st September I will be compering a poetry event at Rich Mix in Shoreditch, it’s Free and starts at 7:30pm. More details here.

On Saturday morning, 24th Sept, 7:30am, I will be on BBC Radio Manchester reviewing that days newspapers.

On Mon 26th Sept, I will be performing as part of the 3 Prong Attack. We will be at The Hob in Forest Hill. It’s a new act night and is £3 in, Show 8pm . Due to this gig being on a Monday and me also working earlier that day, next week’s blog will most likely to be on Tuesday. I hope you can wait for it.

And Finally… Last Friday I got stung on my ear by a wasp or bee. I presume it was a wasp or bee as I didn’t actually see it but I did it hear a buzzing news right next to my ear. I admit I panicked a bit as it felt so close, it was almost as if it targeted me (I’ll resist saying it made a bee line for me). In all the commotion, which was basically me flapping my arms around and yelping, the so and so stung me. I do think there’s something a bit wrong about an adult getting stung, surely that is the preserve of children. Feel free to let me know if you’ve ever got stung as an adult, it might make me feel like I’m not alone. Luckily for me I didn’t suffer any severe reactions to the sting, of course if I had swelled up, then the Geordie lad would have had more justification in calling me The Nutty Professor.

Til next week (probably Tues), stay safe!