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minack theatre

Hola. Hope you are all well.

I’m back from my break away, to St Ives. I have to admit it was nice getting away but it’s also nice coming back. I’d never been to St. Ives before and what struck me was how picturesque it is. There are so many great views, of hills, of the sea, of beaches and everything else good, coastal resorts have to offer. I do wonder that if you live in a place like this, when you go to a big city are you like, “wow, big buildings, over population, traffic jams, pollution, this is amazing, we should retire here one day”.

On the way to St. Ives, my train got delayed at Bristol, where I befriended an elderly couple. I saw the couple again on the last leg of the trip, where the husband told me, someone had taken his suitcase, presumably because it was similar to his, resulting in him having someone elses. This must be a nightmare, especially at the start of a holiday. Let me know via the comments button if this has ever happened to you. Did you find anything interesting in the suitcase/bag. Did you get your bag back?

Arguably the best view during my stay was when watching the Kafka play, Metamorphosis at the Minack Theatre . It’s an open air theatre and has the sea as its backdrop, (see pic at the top of this post). At one point, a group of dolphins swam past, which kind of distracted me from the play. Not that it takes much to distract me, in fact I must confess that at one point I did fall asleep, for 5mins. In no way was this a reflection on the play, it’s just with it being an outdoor venue, you can stretch out, as you are not restricted by a seat. So I took advantage of this and lay down, what with the sea air and the sun, I just dosed off. In the spirit of fairness, if any of the actors are reading this (I doubt they are) feel free to fall asleep at any of my events.

The last thing I will mention of the holiday, is that at one point I was able to point a couple in the right direction. I overheard them telling the bus driver that they had parked their car at the rugby club, but then they set off in completely the wrong direction, up a hill. So I thought should I let them know, my brain said, “yes”, so off I went after them, catching them at the top of the hill. I don’t tell this story because it shows me in a good light  (honest), I just think that when you do something nice, you feel good about it and the people you help really appreciate it. That’s why I thought if you’re reading this and an opportunity arises this week to help someone out, go for it.  Let us know how it goes. Again use the comments button.Cheers.

And Finally…I thought I’d remind everyone i will be back on the radio this Sat (BBC Radio M’cr 8am-9am). I have to admit that whilst away I did wonder how the show went without me. In this business, I like to call show, you’re always wary of giving your competitors a chance to impress. It’s akin to leaving your girlfriend alone with John Terry, well maybe not exactly the same.

                                                Til next week, (Mon) Stay safe!                                  
 (original post 15/6/10)