Finding the write time.

Tom Watson has written a novel. This is in addition to his weight loss book, ‘Downsizing’. It begs the question, how did he find the time to do all this writing? Up until recently he was the deputy leader of the Labour party, surely his waking hours were taken up with thoughts of how they could win an election not character arcs. I know I don’t have time to write and I finish work at 3:15.


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Inspiring criticism.

I do find it somewhat amusing when people say under Jeremy Corbyn there’s now a culture within the Labour party where you can’t criticise the leadership. Since he was elected leader he’s been criticised by his own MPs, former Labour MPs & former Labour PMs. If anything his leadership has inspired way more criticism within his own ranks than less.


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Me or Jeremy Corbyn?

I was walking home from the pub when I passed a couple, in so doing I heard the man say to his wife/girlfriend that he could never vote for Jeremy Corbyn because he is an idiot. Fuelled by a pint and a half (and because I’m a fan) I started to sing ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn…’ only to hear a woman from one of the flats shout “loser” but was she calling me or a Corbyn a loser????


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Coalition of Chaos

My new album ‘Coalition of Chaos’ will be out June 9th.

It includes tracks like:

  • Hinkley’s on Hold
  • Screwing the self-employed
  • Brexit means Brexit
  • No running commentary
  • Just About Managing
  • Don’t mention my leather trousers
  • No time for independence
  • I used to be a Remainer


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Hola. Hope you are well.

From the very moment Jeremy Corbyn became leader of the Labour party he’s had to put up with many of his own MPs wanting him gone. This came to a head with the embarrassing choreographed resignations followed by the vote of no confidence.

A sizeable proportion of these MPs have been looking for an opportunity to twist the knife in.  To be fair to them they’ve had to bide their time because the four by-elections under Corbyn’s leadership have all gone Labours way, the council elections were better than expected and both the London and Bristol mayoral contests were won by the Labour candidate.

So instead they tried to use the EU referendum result to nail Corbyn, they say his campaign was half-hearted, however 65% of Labour voters voted to Remain, which was similar to the Lib Dems 68% yet you don’t see the Lib Dems plotting against Tim Farron. Perhaps it’s harder to organise a coup when you only have 8 MPs. (Out of interest 70% of SNP voters voted to Remain).

With many politicians post Brexit are saying we need to listen to the electorate, you’d think Labour would try to tap into the spirit Jeremy Corbyn has been able to engender at grassroots level. Well you’d be wrong. What the Parliamentary Labour party want to do is ignore the democratic process that saw Corbyn win their election with 60% of the vote only 9 months  ago. This to me is a dangerous policy, the Labour party are effectively trying to dismiss the wishes of a large number of members who believe passionately in Jeremy Corbyn and then expect the very same people to support a new leader.

These rebel MPs say they have to do this because despite Jeremy being a nice guy he’s not a leader. That must be why they want to replace him with Angela Eagle, that’s Angela Eagle who finished fourth in the deputy leadership race. In Jeremy Corbyn’s defence it’s probably hard to lead when those behind you are throwing knives at your back.

These rebel MPs say that what the Labour party needs is unity, whilst handing in their resignation letters. They also claim that the party is not electable under Corbyn, I wonder why that is? Who in their right minds would vote for a party where the MPs are openly disregarding their leader?

This is the time the Labour party should be championing their successes over the last 9 months, they should be pointing out how they have forced the government to u-turn on a number of policies. They should be the party providing a positive and more inclusive vision for Britain, instead the story is all about the infighting.

Til next time, be nice to each other


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