Why breast isn’t always best

Hola. Hope you are well.

I know I’m late writing about Page 3 and that the world has moved on to whether a dress is white and gold or black and blue (the latter for me) but my previous blog post was about an event that took place at Christmas so this by contrast is current.

It had seemed like The Sun had removed Page 3 models from their paper and people celebrated, claiming a victory for campaigning and direct action. So a bit like a spoilt child, they decided to do the opposite to what they were being told and brought back Page 3, saying ‘who said we were getting rid of Page 3?’ (or words to that effect).

As it happened, it was first mentioned in the Times newspaper, which is part of the same organisation as The Sun, so in effect they told us, they’d be getting rid of Page 3.

The problem I have with page 3, is that,  ‘Woman has Breasts’ is not news (at least not topical news), so why do they appear in a newspaper? It’s not as if there’s no place to go should you need to see bare breasts and the like, as my mate says the internet is full of these images/videos.

Perversely, The Sun from time to time, will run stories about how women shouldn’t wear the Burka, because you can only see the persons eyes. So in The Sun’s world, naked breasts are ok but women covered up is bad. Perhaps there is a happy medium that can be struck.

NB. The Daily Star should be able to keep Page 3 as it’s not a real newspaper.

Til next time, be nice to each other.


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Put your nuts in a modesty bag

Hola. Hope you are well.

I’ve been thinking about breasts again (see the last time).

This time it’s been stimulated by a couple of issues. Firstly in Ireland, The Irish Sun newspaper has decided to remove nude models from their page 3. This did make me imagine a sudden surge of larger breasted women joining the dole queue in Ireland. The paper will still have scantily clad women on that page but have a strict no nipple policy.

Then there was the debate as to whether ‘Lads’ Mags’ should be put in modesty bags/behind a screen as has been suggested by the Co-op supermarket. I happened to hear a spokesman for Nuts magazine say one of the reasons he was against the modesty bags was because their customers like to browse before they buy.

As a compromise I thought they could tone down their front covers. It’s not like their customers wouldn’t know what Nuts did if they didn’t have a string of busty ladies on the front cover. The breasts they don’t put on the front of the magazine could be put aside for the inside pages.

It does seem odd that in 2013 the biggest selling newspaper in this country still has pics of bare breasted women. It’s odd because ‘women have breasts’ is not news. At least Nuts and other magazines of their ilk can justify using these models as that’s what they specialise in, breasts, sport and popular culture (so I’ve heard).

There is an argument that women being portrayed in this way, give young males an unrealistic expectation of women. I’d like to think the boys/men realise the women in these mags aren’t true to life. For example, they are 2 dimensional, often have staples in their navel and they are also mute.

There is probably more of an argument to say that it puts an unrealistic pressure on young girls/women, after all for the models it is their job to look good. They are also pictured tanned, often given a helping hand digitally and via a surgeon. The average woman doesn’t have the time nor the way with all to look like this.

There has been a lot of negative talk regarding page 3 and lads’ mags, but you never hear what the glamour models have to say on the issues. So, if you are a glamour model, feel free to contact me, it’s probably best if you do so via the comments button.

Til next time, stay safe!