Alternative birthday presents.

It’s coming up to my boy’s 3rd birthday and his family will generously want to buy him presents but what? He has plenty of toys and yet often seems to find more joy in playing ‘hide the potato’ but if we were to ask relatives to buy him a potato for his birthday they’d think we’d gone mad. Between the books he owns, the library and Dolly Parton who sends him a book every month, he’s fine on reading material.

Obviously I don’t want to stop people getting him something but was wondering if you and your family do some kind of alternative present giving.

Any suggestions will be considered.  You can contact me via the comments button or @anunknowncomic Cheers

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Should you wake a sleeping baby?

The week before the events in the previous blog post, this happened.

The baby was coughing in his sleep so I woke him to give him some medicine. Did he a) go straight back to sleep or b) was he still awake more than an hour later? Answers on a postcard to it’s always answer b with these kind of questions.


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In at the shallow end

I’m not one to conform to stereotypes but I don’t do swimming. However, when you have a child, you’re supposed to put your hang ups to one side, or that’s what I’ve been told.

This is how I ended up going swimming with mother and baby.

They got changed together, whilst I changed in the men’s area. What I didn’t factor in, is I would get changed a lot quicker than they would.

This resulted in me standing on the side of the pool, for what appeared to be too long a time for a man on his own, whilst predominately women in the pool looked on.

If you’re a new dad reading this, learn from my mistake and you will avoid minutes of awkwardness.

Til next time, be nice to each other.


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