Is Piers Morgan my social media saviour?

I’m used to my tweets going largely ignored, liked by the same few people I already know but the other day I replied to a Piers Morgan tweet and I got over 50 likes. I’m fully aware that this is nothing if you are a social media influencer but I’m fully aware that I’m not a social media influencer.

It’s made me wonder if for me to be a success on Twitter do I need to trawl through Piers Morgan’s tweets looking for opportunities to reply to him. The danger of this is that after a while of being exposed to his thoughts I might end up thinking like him.

Perhaps obscurity isn’t too bad after all.


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We need to talk about gun control

Hola. Hope you are well.

I’m not one for new year’s resolutions but this year I am aiming to spend less time on the computer and more time reading. I know there is a sense of irony in what I’ve just written as I’m currently on the computer, writing this and I’m also expecting you to be on the computer reading this. However it doesn’t take me long to write these blog posts and it should take you a lot less time to read them.

Talking of reading, I’ve currently got 2 books on the go. I don’t normally do this as I don’t want to get confused. The 2 books are Black Lions, the history of black footballers in England and We need to talk about Kevin, I just hope by the time I finish both books I don’t end up thinking John Barnes took part of a school shooting. Feel free to let me know how many books you currently have on the go, you can contact me via the comments button.

Talking of school massacres and gun control in America, I saw the exchange between Piers Morgan and pro gun person Alex Jones . What struck me is that Alex is a very very angry man. If there’s one man in America who shouldn’t have access to a gun it is probably him. He’s not exactly the best spokesperson for those believing guns should be freely available. It made even odder viewing because in a room of 2 people and one of them is Piers Morgan, Piers wasn’t the ass.

Til next time, stay safe!