fish fingers

Hola. Hope you are well.

The first thing I have to report is that I’ve had no further sightings of Les Dennis in the last week, in fact I’ve not seen any former game show hosts.

Having worked 2 whole days the previous week, I had a well deserved week off last week as it was half-term and schools were off, woohoo! But I am in a local school working as a classroom assistant, for at least 3 days this week, and probably longer as the person who I’m covering is off sick and likely to be off longer than the 3 days. So in some bizarre twist and I’m not sure how it’s happened but my work now depends on people getting sick. In some ways I’m like a one man pharmaceutical company, although at least pharmaceutical companies produce products that make the person get better, I just step into their job.

 I did  however use my week off productively (sort of)  and did something I’ve not done for a while. I did a comedy gig. Me and my mate Adam, (an unknown actor) decided to team up and perform as a double act, the 3 Prong Attack. The premise is a little bizarre, we play two former hospital radio DJs from 1999, who think they are bigger than they are, but instead of returning to the airwaves have decided to do their radio features in front of a live audience. I’m not sure how we think these things up, although we did have a hospital radio show circa 1999 and we do think we are bigger than we actually are. As you can probably tell from the above description, there was plenty of scope for this not to work and don’t think it hadn’t crossed our minds on many occasions, including at the beginning of our set when we were performing a rap to bemused faces. But I have to say we got away with it, as people seemed to laugh throughout our set in the right places. I can’t help thinking we were helped by performing infront of a really good audience, who seemed up for all kinds of comedy, even 2 idiots pretending to be DJs. Laughter being a natural drug, we are now talking about doing other gigs. I’m sure we will knock it on the head as soon people stop laughing and start staring.

In other news from last week, we bought 60 Fish Fingers, solely because they were on offer. If you bought 1 packet of 20 you could get 2 other packs free and they weren’t even the cheapo fish fingers. So how could we resist such an offer? Well we couldn’t and we didn’t, even though we already had 17 fish fingers in our flat. This did mean that for a small period of time we had 77 fish fingers in our flat. Surely no one has ever had that many fish fingers in one household before. Feel free to let me know of your fish finger exploits or let me know what things you have stockpiled in the past, cheers.

And Finally…. ‘Her With One Permanent Job’ and I decided to have a quiet Saturday night in, so we got out a DVD, ‘Precious’. For those that haven’t seen Precious it’s about one girl’s life as she tries to overcome, incest, rape, physical, verbal and emotional abuse, poverty, illiteracy, obesity, HIV and having Mariah Carey as her adviser. I think we might go out next Saturday.

Til next week, stay safe!