Do less for more

Hola. Hope you are well.

I went to a football network event last week. I’m now a footballer. That”s was a joke, about being a footballer not going to a football network event.

The common feedback from all the people I spoke to in the industry, stressed the importance of hard work. Whatever I’m currently doing I need to do more of it. If I write I need to do more writing, whatever I’m reading, I need to read more widely. I may also need to volunteer at places to gain experience, ie. doing more for no money. All this is good advice but it would be nice, for once, if someone said you should do less for more. One journalist did say however, as a writer of football (the view from the trevor) I need to watch more football. Good news for me, I’m not so sure ‘Her With One Permanent Job’ will see it the same way.

At the same conference, a motivational speaker said us delegates needed to do 100 things, 1% better. I thought about this for a few days and came to the conclusion that I don’t do a hundred things. So now I have to do a hundred things, do them for a while and then do them all 1% better. I know this goes against the ethos he was going for but it all sounds like hard work to me.

In the spirit of doing more things (for free), 3 Prong Attack (the radio show I belong to) have now started doing podcasts or Prongcasts as we are calling them. We’ve only done 2 but they’ve not been without incident. For starters, we had a problem signing up to SoundCloud, mainly because I put the wrong email address into the signing up form. How was I to know our email address is dot com and not Then I tried to rectify the situation by putting in the correct email address but this wouldn’t allow us into the original account, so we had to set up another account.   All in all it took us about 1hr to set up something that is fool-proof and should take 5 mins.

In some ways this one incident sums up 3 Prong’s career, after all it has taken us about 15 years to go from hospital radio to podcasting (prongcasting). For those interested here is our second prongcast, where we discuss Mrs Thatcher’s funeral and Prong 2 even sings on it. Hope you enjoy.

Til next time, stay safe!