Thanks Facebook!

Thanks largely to Facebook I’ve had the recent realisation that all my creative peers have now passed me. They are either getting represented by management, doing one person shows, bringing out books, performing abroad, appearing on Radio 4 and meeting their heroes.

Perhaps the only one of my contemporaries that hasn’t overtaken me is probably Prong2 and that might only because he does a #prongcast with me.

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Blog vs Girlfriend

anita anand & sam walker

Hola. Hope you are well.

Eagle eyed readers will have noticed that I posted last week’s blog in the early hours of Tuesday morning. This was because last Monday  ‘Her With One Permanent Job’ was keen to meet up after work, which put me in a dilemma, finish my blog or meet up with her. And as I don’t live with the readers of this blog, I went for the easier option, after all it’s not easy justifying not meeting your other half  because you’ve got to finish your blog. As I couldn’t sleep on the Monday night I got up at 4:10 am and finished my blog.

It’s never ideal getting up at this time of the morning but more so as that day at work, we were taking the children out on a day trip and as a ‘responsible adult’  I needed to be on my guard even more so than when they are contained in school. You certainly don’t want anything to happen to the children you have been designated to look after. Of course, it would be bad if anything happened to any of the children, but it would definitely be worse if it was one that was on your watch.

Talking of work, it was my last week in school, this academic year. As it happened I never got to say goodbye to the children as I had to do an errand just before the close of day, and when I got back to class they were filing out, which I think is quite typical of me. I did however get a card off one of the children, not cos she knew it was my last day but because she was also away for the last week of term. I thought it was quite nice that she took time out to write a card for me, although in no way did I think I deserved a card as I’d only been there 6 weeks. Although having said that the other TA also got a card and she’s only been in the class a month, so on that basis maybe I should have got a present in addition to the card.

It’s definitely been an interesting 5 months of working in schools. If it had been a reality tv programme, at this point I would be saying how I’d been on a journey, how I’ve worked harder than I’ve ever done before, met some great people and then I would return to my normal, probably cushier life. Unfortunately my life is not a reality tv programme which means I will be doing this all over again starting in September.

Away from work, I have been trying to listen to different radio shows, mainly on Iplayer and mainly recommended by the Guardian/The Observer. So in recent weeks I’ve listened to ‘Everybody quite likes Justin’, written by Justin Moorhouse, who years ago I did a couple of shows for at the Manchester Comedy Store. I also listened to the ‘Sinha Test’, written and performed by Paul Sinha, who has links to the M’cr comedy scene. Both programmes were on Radio 4, which does make me worry a little. Have I become a person who listens to Radio 4? As it’s only on podcast, I’m saying it doesn’t really count.

Almost as an antidote to Radio 4, I listened to a programme on 1 Xtra, (you can tell it must be cool and hip because they spell extra wrong). The programme was about why there is no and never has been  any high-profile gay rappers. It did make me think that there aren’t that many professions where there are no gay people involved. It would appear it’s just hip hop and football. So what I suggest is we get all the footballers and rappers in a room (a big room) and leave them all in there until someone says they are gay.

I also listened to a new show, Double Take (Sunday’s 9-30-11am) on 5 Live, co-presented by Sam Walker, who I worked on BBC Radio Manchester. It’s nice to think that I am only one step away from being on national radio. I don’t expect it to happen but it’s nice to think it.

That’s enough of other people’s projects and back on to me. I will be performing as part of the 3 Prong Attack next Weds, 27th July at Ruby’s Revenge, 168 High Holborn, WC 1V 7AA. Doors: 7:30, Show 8pm. £3. Nearest Stations Holborn, Covent Garden, Tottenham Court Road. We have a couple of gigs coming up, for more details, click here.

And Finally… Next week’s blog will be on Tues, not because I am meeting ‘HWOPJ’ but because I won’t be near a computer on Monday.

Til Next Tues, Stay Safe.

The Natural Order

Goodluck Jonathan

Hola. Hope you are all well.

I had a busy week. I was doing some poetry workshops in a couple of schools, including on in Clitheroe, which meant I had to get up at 5:50am. That’s 5:50 in the MORNING. Writers aren’t built for such things, do you think proper writers like Katie Price gets up at this time?

In fact last week I was up before ‘Her with one permanent job’ four times. Things like this shouldn’t happen. For starters I don’t overly embrace change and secondly I worry when the natural order of things are messed around. Something as simple as me getting up before ‘HWOPJ’ could lead to the World imploding, you never know. Those who share my concerns, needn’t worry any further as the natural order of things has been restored as of this morning, when ‘HWOPJ’ left for work at 8am. Woohoo! In your face imploding Universe!!!

It was something of a grown up week for me as I even listened to a programme on Radio 4. I’m not really a Radio 4 kinda guy but a fellow poet Kate Fox was on the show so I thought I’d listen. Occasionally I like to hear/see what my peers are up to, only occasionally, mainly I’m more interested in what I’m doing. It was a nice programme, quite informative but I doubt I’ll become a Radio 4 regular. I see Radio 4 rightly or wrongly as for adults, (I know technically I’m an adult), I feel the same way about broadsheet newspapers and drinking coffee. Is there anything you view as adult, despite you being an adult? Feel free to let us know via the comments button.

In other news, I was interested to read that the Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan is going to ban his national football team from playing for 2yrs due to their poor showing at the World Cup. (It’s been announced he’s gone back on this situation) What really stuck out about this story was that the President is called Goodluck Jonathan. What a great name that is. Inspired by his name I’m thinking of calling myself All the Best Julian. Having said this it wasn’t that long ago that I was toying with the idea of calling myself inspired by of the Black Eyed Peas. Or before that, when I moved to Didsbury calling myself P Didsbury inspired by P Diddy. Sometimes even I think I have too much time on my hands.

And Finally… As we were talking about football, what with the Nigerian team, may I direct you to my latest football post on my football blog, which considers England’s exit from the World Cup. I genuinely think it’s a good piece of writing, so feel free to check it out. Having said that I genuinely think All the Best Julian would be a good name for me.

                                                           Til Next week, Stay Safe!

                                                               All the Best Julian

(original post 5/7/10)