Is it ever too late to call off your wedding?

Hola. Hope you are well.

Is it ever too late to call off your wedding? I bring this up because Rory McIlroy (golfer) recently called off his wedding to Caroline Wozniacki (tennis player) after the wedding invites had been sent out.

In his defence the wedding was still 6 months away, which strikes me as a decent amount of time to call off a wedding but what if you get cold feet a week before, a day before, the day of the wedding? Would you call it off or go through with it, let me know if you’ve been in this situation or know someone who’s done it. You can contact me via the comments button or on twitter @anunknowncomic

Ps. Has anyone been ditched at the altar or does this only happen on soaps?

As a postscript to this story, in their next tournament after the split, he went on to win his, she got knocked out in the 1st round of the French Open.

Til next time, stay safe!


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