Is politics for the likes of you and me?

Hola. Hope you are well.

Here’s what I wrote in this very blog in Nov 2013

then a few days ago this happened .

I’m obviously some kind of modern day Nostradamus figure.

There’s been a high level of snootiness from certain sections of the media (the sections you could probably predict) towards the Russell Brand/Ed Miliband interview.

It’s almost as if these people think that political discussion can only take place in their newspapers/tv programmes. Yet Russell Brand despite not being part of the mainstream media, housing The Trews (True News) on YouTube,  has over 1 million subscribers and more than 150 000 people regularly watch his videos.

I imagine (I haven’t done any research) that a good percentage of his viewers are dissatisfied with party politics and/or the reporting of it in mainstream media.

Instead of being critical of Ed Miliband speaking with Russell Brand, I think more MPs should try to reach those people who are disengaged by the status quo of politics. Unless of course the political elite don’t want a well informed, empowered electorate, challenging policy and seeking alternative solutions.

That’s why I don’t believe, putting an X in a box every 5 years is democracy. This should just be the start of our involvement with politics.

In Other Political News: my mate Prong2 (from my radio show) has written the unofficial song for the General Election, watch the video here.

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Booking the trend

Hola. Hope you are well.

The last two books I’ve read have been of a political nature, Owen Jones’ ‘The Establishment’ and Russell Brand’s, ‘Revolution’, meaning if there is a systematic change any time soon, there must be a role for me. If I were to read Thomas Piketty’s ‘Capital In the Twenty-First Century’ I’d probably be leading us into the fairer future.

The book I’m currently reading is a book is an amazing book about Former Liverpool manager Bill Shankly, ‘Red or Dead’ by David Peace. Usually I don’t read big books and I certainly don’t read big books with small print. However this book is both big 715 pages and has small print but as I had a book voucher I thought I’d buy a book that I wouldn’t finish before it was recalled if I got it out of a library.

Before reading a book I often pick a page at random and read a passage so I get a sense of the book. On this occasion, standing in the bookshop in Chorlton cum Hardy, an unknown comedian opened the book. And in this bookshop in Chorlton cum Hardy, an unknown comedian opened the book at page 333. In the bookshop in Chorlton cum Hardy an unknown comedian read this passage.

Four days later, on Boxing Day, 1970, in blizzards and in ice, Stoke City came to Anfield, Liverpool. That afternoon, in the blizzards and in the ice, forty-seven thousand, one hundred and three folk came, too. But in the blizzards and in the ice, Liverpool Football Club did not score. And Stoke City did not score. And in the blizzards and in the ice, Liverpool Football Club drew nil-nil with Stoke City. At home, at Anfield. It was Liverpool Football Club’s tenth draw of the season, their sixth nil-nil draw of the season. And that evening, in the blizzards and in the ice, Liverpool Football Club had twenty-six points. And Liverpool Football Club were seventh in the First Division. In the blizzards and in the ice, Liverpool Football Club were still lost, Liverpool Football Club still missing –

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Ed Milibrand

Hola. Hope you are well.

Russell Brand has done more to stimulate debate about politics in a 10 min interview with Jeremy Paxman than the combined efforts of Cameron, Clegg and Miliband in the years since the last election.

This has led me to believe that if Ed Miliband is serious about becoming the next Prime Minister he needs to become more like Russell Brand.

He should probably skip the drug addiction and womanising maybe difficult as Ed is married, although Justine, Ed’s wife, is supportive of his career so it maybe difficult but not impossible. Having said that, my understanding of women makes me believe the chances are Justine will rule out infidelity.

I’m not sure much can be done with Ed’s voice so speaking like Russell is out of the question. This just leaves the hair.

That’s right, if Ed wants to win the next election it all hinges on him growing his hair long like Russell’s. If I were more technical, I’d have a picture of how that would look but I’m not so use your imagination instead.

Til next time, stay safe!



Prison and Stripping

peter stringfellow and lady friend

Hola. Hope you are well.

Last week, I spent most of my time in prison or stripping. When I say stripping I do mean wall paper, don’t worry I’ve not started working for Peter Stringfellow.

Aswell as the wall paper stripping I was also hack-sawing a 10m gas flue tube, that the chimney sweep (mentioned in last week’s post) pulled from up the chimney. All this domestic chores coming in the same week Russell Brand got married to pop singer Katy Perry, in India, watched by his showbiz friends, whilst being entertained by P.Diddy does make me question whether I am in the same profession as Russell.

On Thursday I was in a prison all day. I got in at 8:45am and left at 7:45pm and because you are not allowed to take mobile phones into prisons (along with ammunition, explosives, firearms et al) I turned my phone off. When I turned it back on, guess how many txts, missed calls or voice mails I had waiting for me? I’ll tell you, a big fat zero! Not that I mind, as it’s only ever people wanting something from me. The worst thing I can see when I switch my phone on is the voice-mail symbol. Firstly it means I’ll have to pay to retrieve it and secondly someone has not only tried to contact me but what they have to say is important enough to leave a message.

In other news, I’ve been trying to cut down on drinking cups of tea. This is purely on vanity grounds as I’m trying to avoid when possible things that stain my teeth. It’s actually quite hard not drinking tea, it is after all a staple of the British diet. Fortunately for me, I’ve never had to come off cigarettes, alcohol or drugs, but if it’s anything like coming off tea it must be hard. Because once you cut down all you can think about is drinking tea and then you’ve got the pushers offering you ‘cuppas’ all the time.

Some sad news now, as the world of sport and sea creatures, mourns the passing of Paul the Octopus. If you are unsure as to who Paul the Octopus is, he was one of the big successes of the World Cup.  He correctly predicted the results of the Germany games but last week he was no more. I do feel a bit sorry for Paul, as he was just a simple creature going along his daily life happily before being thrust into the public arena. In many ways he’s the Alex Reid of the sea world. RIP Paul.

And Finally…. After the radio show on Sat, the guest Shaista took me out (not in a Mafia way). I must add she is the first guest to do this. She like me is a comedian although she only started doing stand up comedy 4 months ago. Yet she has already played in front of a crowd of 20 000 and was invited to perform in Hong Kong. I on the other hand have been involved in comedy for a little more than 4 months and have not performed in front of a 20 000 crowd. To be honest if you added up all the people I’ve ever performed in front of, I doubt it would tally 20000. As for Hong Kong they’ve yet to call. So if it wasn’t bad enough being overshadowed early on a Sat morning by a newcomer to comedy, I also had a cup of tea at the cafe.

Til Next Week, Stay Safe!