How many times can you get chickenpox?

It’s my week off and I had thought I might get a few things done¬†(let’s face it it wouldn’t be anything too significant)¬†but then my boy caught chickenpox for the second time. This has meant no nursery and me on parenting duties. The hardest part is finding play areas where there are no other children and if children do come along I have to scarper which is not a good look.

Apparently it’s extremely rare to get chickenpox twice but before I think about my 6 weeks holiday, I’m just checking you can’t catch it for a third time.


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Floating my genius on Wall st

About a month ago I flicked through a book on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation to you).

I thought that once I’d implemented the advice I would become a massive star of the internet, floating my genius on Wall St and hanging out with tech big hitters like, Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandburg and Sam Sung.

As it’s happened a month on and I’ve not noticed one bit of difference to my status.


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