That’s Entertainment

Hola. Hope you are well.

I was Edinburgh over the weekend (apologies if I didn’t see your show).

One show I did see was Stewart Lee’s. Stewart Lee is what could be described a thinking man’s comedian, who relies on little more than standing on a stage¬†deconstructing his jokes and social attitudes.

Another show I saw, courtesy of a free ticket was,¬†‘The Lady Boys of Bangkok’. Due to an upgrade I ended up right next to the stage, which was a little concerning, especially as they were more than happy to drag audience members up to ‘contribute’ to the show.

I would say The Lady Boys of Bangkok is a show that is at the opposite end of the entertainment spectrum to that of Stewart Lee’s, in that it relies on big production values, uptempo music, dance routines, a dwarf (small person), and glamorous women who were born male. Perhaps Stewart Lee could add a few of these elements to his next tour.

Anyway, just for my own records, has anyone else at the festival seen Stewart Lee and The lady Boys of Bangkok? You can let me know via the comments button or via twitter @anunknowncomic


Til next time, stay safe!