About a boy

Hola. Hope you are well.

When I was a boy, one of my favourite programmes was ‘It’s a Knockout’. Part of the reason I liked this show was because of the über enthusiastic commentator, who I later found out was a man called Stuart Hall.

During my time at university (yes, I did go to university) I used to listen and enjoy Stuart Hall’s football reports on BBC 5Live. They were laced with the most expressive language that I ever heard to describe football. Often I wasn’t sure who’d won the game, so bamboozled by his language but then that was half the fun.
When I was a teenager, one of my favourite songs was Jump, by Kriss Kross. Not only was it a catchy song but the duo also wore their clothes back to front. Back in the early 90’s before X Factor and The Voice, this was how acts got noticed. So inspired by Kriss Kross and that song, that in my mid 20s when I thought my poetry was a viable vehicle out of the ‘ghetto’ I penned a poem called ‘Kriss Kross’ (I’m unoriginal with titles).
The reason I mention both Stuart Hall and Kriss Kross is that on the same day it was announced that Stuart Hall had pleaded guilty to multiple cases of sex abuse with underage girls, it was announced Chris from Kriss Kross had died from a suspected overdose.
On hearing the news about Stuart and Chris I couldn’t help feeling that a little bit of my youth had disappeared that day. I mentioned this to a few people on an evening out, including one of Prong 2’s housemates, who pointed out that ‘I wasn’t the main consideration in either situation’. She may well have had a point, but still…
Til next time stay safe!
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