Should we be bombing Belgium?

Hola. Hope all is well.

Apparently, bombing Syria will make us safer. Wasn’t that what the ‘War on Terror’ was meant to do? Anyone know how that is going?

Syria is already being bombed by USA, Russia, France (and others) so unless we have special peace emitting bombs, I’m not sure what the UK can add.

All this talk of bombing Syria, comes as a response to the killings in ParisĀ  but weren’t those attackers from France and Belgium, so should we not be bombing Belgium?

Let’s for argument’s sake say our bombs wipe out every member of ISIS, what next? Who or what will take their place? Will it be a peace-loving group or another terrorist group? If for example, you kill Jihadi John, who takes his place Radicalised Ringo?

If you want to stop ISIS, perhaps a starting point might be to stop people funding them. Do we know who funds ISIS and do we have any dealings with them?

Alternatively, David Cameron can bomb Syria, destabilise the region further and then refuse to take in refugees when they flee to Europe. Politics after all is about decisions.

Til next time, be nice to each other.


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