The checkmate’s in the post

Hola. Hope you are well.

I met up with 3 old school friends over the weekend including Prong 2, from 3 Prong Attack and we went on a walking trip in Malham (should you need to know where). Typically when 4 red bloodied young men get together the conversation turned to books.

One of my friends mentioned he’d not long finished reading ‘The Great Gatsby’. He described it as being “Crap”. A rather short appraisal of a book that is often cited as one of the greats of American literature. So with this in mind feel free to mention when your view has not been shared by the majority. You can contact me via the comments button.

My mate also said, that he reads a good book and then a crap book, The Great Gatsby being his latest crap book. I’m not one to pee on other people’s reading plan but I can see a flaw in his system. Feel free to let me know if you have a reading plan. My current plan involves reading relatively short books. The next book I’m scheduled to read is ‘Generation X’ which is 208 pages long and the book I’m currently reading is the aforementioned The Great Gatsby, 172 pages.

I have read The Great Gatsby before, about 20 years ago for my A-Levels, yet I don’t remember one bit of it. I can not recall one scene, one passage, nor any of the characters. To the point that I am now doubting whether I did in fact previously read the book, or do A-Levels or go to school. I’m currently 94 pages in (more than halfway through), and what does surprise me is that the book has been turned into a film (more than once) as for what I can see, not much happens. If I knew this was an accepted practice in the film world I would have sent film studios scripts a long time ago.

And finally… one other revelation on this walking trip involved my other friend who revealed he plays chess by post. That’s by post. Feel free to let me know if you play chess post.

Til next time, stay safe!