Picasso and the rugby league fans

naomi campbell

Hola, I hope you are all well.

I’m alive and kicking and ‘Her With One Permanent Job’s Nana hasn’t nobbled me. In fact I’m led to believe she’s ok with everything now (see last week’s post), although maybe bringing it up again isn’t the best idea, especially as she’s recently become computer savvy. Damn those computer courses for adults.

Once again I’ve had a varied week, I was on the Becky Want show (BBC Radio M’cr) on Wednesday talking about public transport. You can listen to my bit here. (my bit starts 2hrs 6mins in and will remain active til this Weds). It was nice to do a show on the station where I didn’t have to set my alarm for 6 in the morning. Becky mentioned that she listens to me reviewing the newspapers on Saturday mornings and that “she’d built up an image of me” but “I looked nothing like it”. I didn’t know how to deal with this statement because it could have been a compliment or an insult. For all I know she could have imagined me to be taller, more buff or better looking than I actually am. I know this is hard to believe but it could have been the case, so I wimped out and said something non-committal like “oh right”. If you have any suggestions as to how I should have handled this situation, feel  free to let me know. Cheers.

Yesterday (sun 8th) I took in a bit of culture. I went to the Picasso exhibition at the Tate in Liverpool. HWOPJ and I got a lift there but due to unforeseen circumstances we had to get the train back. Naturally I was ok with this, especially as I am now a spokesperson for public transport. The journey was going ok until we got to Widnes, where waiting to get on were hoards of Warrington Rugby League fans. Of all the carriages they could have got on, they chose ours, and as is typical of men when they are in big groups they were being loud and confident. I didn’t overly mind as I knew they were only on for one stop, what with Warrington being the next stop. Because I’m probably exotic to these guys, as they were getting off a few of the fans decided to ruffle my hair and mention something about velcro. In this situation I thought it better not to react, as there were a large number of them, ‘HWOPJ’ hit them with a section of The Observer. I’m not sure what surprised them more, to be attacked by a woman or to see someone reading a broadsheet.

Onto other matters. I was listening to the Home Time show on Absolute, presented by Geoff Lloyd (weekdays from 5pm) and he was talking about a picture of Tom Jones, that highlighted Tom’s groin area. He then said he would put the pic on his Twitter site. Because I am wrong, this intrigued me, so i clicked on. If you, like me want to see a 70 year old man’s groin area, then click here.and for a close up, click here. If you are a better person than me, ignore this whole paragraph. This incident did however remind me of this.

And Finally…. I was fascinated by Naomi Campbell’s appearance at the war crimes trail. In her testimony she said 2 men knocked on her hotel room door and dropped off a pouch that contained diamonds. She then went on to say, she didn’t think much of it, as she often gets gifts given to her. Some people thought this was a bit suss, but on this matter I’m with Naomi, because often when I’m staying in hotels, usually in London, unknown men knock on my door in the middle of the night thrusting a pouch at me. And nowadays I think nothing of it.

                                                              Til next week, stay safe!

 (original post 9/8/10)