Biden my time.

This hasn’t been widely reported but I was going to be the poet at Joe Biden‘s inauguration. He wanted me to do my poems ‘Ham’, ‘Jam’ & ‘Spam’ as he saw them as a symbol of hope, showing that despite America currently being divided all Americans have the potential to come together as sandwich fillers. However due to Covid19 I wasn’t able to travel, so they gave the gig to some young poet (I’m not sure what happened to her). Should the pandemic be resolved in 2025 I’m sure I’ll get an invite from President Ivanka.

Should you have 26 mins spare check out my comedy podcast. Cheers.


What I did in my summer holidays

Hola. Hope you are well.

Anyone who’s ever read this blog will know it’s not a vehicle for me to boast about my achievements. This isn’t a conscious decision, it’s more to do with not having achievements to boast about.

However, the figures are in for August and both this blog and my football blog, ‘The View from the Trevor’ recorded their best figures ever. It definitely helped that I was off work all through August, allowing me to write more posts and promote/pester people on Twitter.

In addition to this, the podcast (prongcast) I’m involved in 3Prong Attack has also gone from strength to strength with it becoming more popular in Holland and the USA than in England. We’ve also gained a following in Athens, although nowhere else in Greece.

Anyway, I’m back at work now, after 6 weeks off (no one ever seems sympathetic when I mention this) so I’m sure I won’t be repeating these figures anytime soon. In the meantime, thanks to all those that have read or listened to me in my various projects, it is appreciated.

Til next time, stay safe!