Wigan peerless

Hola. Hope you are well.

I feel like I should take you back to October and tell you about the other 2 gigs I did in that month, mainly because I do so few gigs that it might be next October before I do another one.

I’ve already told you of the poetry workshop I did in Sandbach and the comedy gig, where no audience turned up. My next gig saw me compering the final of The Superheroes of Slam Poetry in Manchester.

It was a good gig and as no one else will say it (I’ve checked the reviews) I did a good job as compere. For those that don’t know who won, (you’ve only had 2 months to find out) it was Joy France, from Wigan. This means Wigan currently hold the FA Cup, The Challenge Cup, the Grand Final winners and now the Superhero of Slam Poetry. Could Wigan be the most successful place on the planet?

My next gig, saw me return to Manchester, where I was compering the evening’s entertainment at the Black and Asian Writers conference. The headline act was a white guy from North Manchester (he did have dreads). Some people may say this is an example of pc gone mad or claim tokenism but I say give these white artists a chance, they’ve had it tough in this country and if we artists of colour can help and can give them a leg up, we should.  Can I also add, some of my best friends are white, although I do sometimes find it hard to tell them apart.

Til next time, stay safe!