It’s over to Adele

They both sell shed loads of albums but when it comes to naming those albums, Adele and Ed Sheeran lack a certain amount of creativity.

Adele names her albums after the age she was when the album was recorded, 19, 21, 25. Ed names his after mathematical symbols and not even the most interesting ones, x, +, now ÷.

I suppose, if nothing else, if you combine their work you almost get a maths question.

                                              19 x 21 + 25 ÷ (over to Adele)

Feel free to name other uninspiring album titles. You can contact me via the comments button.


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To clean or to leave?

I had what could be described as a social dilemma. A neighbour left a trail of christmas tree needles that went from right outside our front door, down the communal corridor to the lift.

In those circumstances would you

a) leave the needles knowing it wasn’t you who made the mess.
b) clean up the needles so people don’t think you’re the skanks that made the mess.

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Normal service will be resumed shortly

You have to feel some sympathy for the right wing press, after the Red Cross said the NHS is facing a humanitarian crisis.

Firstly, people in this country like charity and charities and the Red Cross is one of the more established charities, which makes them harder to be attacked.

Secondly, people in this country are fond of the NHS, they like how we pay into it over our working life and it is free to use when we are ill. For this reason we are protective of the NHS, which makes it harder for it to be attacked.

Thirdly, the NHS is staffed by many non-British people, which doesn’t fit in with the right wing media’s rhetoric that all our woes are the result of immigrants.

You needn’t have too much sympathy, as I’m sure normal service will be resumed shortly and the immigrant bashing will continue as usual.


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